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The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails (那由多の軌跡(ナユタノキセキ)) is a spin-off of the Trails series, set in a different timeline on Remnant Island.


The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails is set in a different world than the mainline Trails titles. The game makes no mention of the continent of Zemuria and makes use of a 'new calendar' (新暦) rather than the Septian Calendar. Instead of the Great Collapse, the catastrophic event that defined the mainline Trails titles' world, the world in Nayuta had to overcome a legendary Great Flood.

Rather than a continent, Nayuta takes place on the Sciencia Sea, a vast ocean dotted with tiny islands. Humans living on this islands believe that the Sciencia Sea is finite and that there must more beyond its edges. One such believer was astronomer William Herschel, father of the eponymous protagonist, who set sail to discover one such hypothetical world.

Home of the protagonists is a small island known as Remnant Island, which is said to be in the middle of the Sciencia Sea. It takes approximately half a day by ship to reach it from Saint-Elysee, a port city located on the continent. Remnant Island has become known for a strange phenomenon that ruins and stars fall from its sky. It is even believed that Remnant Island itself was formed from ruins that fell from the sky. Star shards (星の欠片), a mysterious ore, can be found at the place where these stars have fallen. Star shards are known to respond to the seven colours of light.

When a set amount of light is projected on these shards, they are said to show the imaginary world of Lost Heaven (ロストヘブン(失われし楽園)). Lost Heaven is known for its dynamic nature with flora and fauna more beautiful than one has ever seen, greenery all the way to its borders. Unable to imagine that Lost Heaven is part of their own world, people have start to long and look for the imaginary Lost Heaven.

Lost Heaven, in turn, is an alternative world consisting of several islands. Located in the centre is the Star Garden (星の庭園). The four surrounding islands, referred to as continents, are each in one of the four seasons.

  • Oltapia, the Continent of Forests (密林の大陸 オルタピア), in the southwest starts with spring;
  • Rizweld. the Continent of the Abyss (深淵の大陸 リズヴェルド), in the northwest starts with summer;
  • Heimmel, the Continent of the Sacred Mountain (ハインメル 霊峰の大陸), in the northeast starts with winter;
  • La Worg, the Continent of Origin (ラ・ウォルグ 原初の大陸), in the southeast with autumn.



Nayuta Herschel, our protagonist, returns to Remnant Island with his friend Signa Alhazan. We meet Nayuta's Sister, Asa.

Nayuta gets requests from Aulbath the swordmaster and Dorado the guard. Nayuta completes the requests. Aulbath wants to make sure Nayuta remembers what he's learned about swordplay, and Dorado wants Asa to make a lunchbox for him.

We meet Nayuta's childhood friend Lyra.

A large tower-shaped ruin falls near the island. Ruins fall from time to time near Remnant Island but this one is much larger than usual. Aulbath gives Nayuta and Signa permission to investigate.

At the top of the tower, Nayuta and Signa find a fairy. Immediately, Zext, a large man with the air of a villain, appears with Serum, his servant. Zext takes the gear the fairy is holding, called a Master Gear, by force. Afterward, Signa and Serum exchange blows, but Signa is easily defeated. Zext and Serum then leave. Nayuta and Signa decide to take the fairy back to Nayuta's house secretly for treatment.

Back at Nayuta's house, the fairy awakes. Nayuta and Signa introduce themselves and learn the fairy's name is Noi. They learn that Zext is evil and the Master Gear is important for stopping him somehow. At this point, Noi leaves Nayuta's house and activates a dormant portal nearby. Nayuta and Signa decide to step through the portal themselves, not knowing what lies beyond...

Chapter 1 - Door to Another World


Chapter 2 - The Moving Gears


Chapter 3 - Hell Fever


Chapter 4 - The Final Key


Chapter 5 - Secret of the Mythos


Chapter 6 - The Road that Weaves Bonds




After Story



  • Nayuta Herschel: The 15-year old protagonist whose hobby is celestial navigating. He dreams of one day exploring the world beyond the horizon and solve its mysteries.
  • Noi: A 30-centimeter tall, fairy-like girl with pink pigtails who uses Gearcrafts.
  • Signa Alhazen: A swordsman and Nayuta's best friend. He is a member of a protection force in Saints-Elysees.
  • Aulbath Alhazen: Nayuta and Signa's sword teacher who serves as the island's bodyguard. He moved to Remnant Island six years ago prior to the story. His background is unknown.
  • Asa Herschel: Nayuta's older sister who calls herself a 'Fragment Observer' who enjoys the study of Star Fragments. A skilled cook and is well liked by the people of Remnant Island.
  • Zext di Quarius Dominador: A mysterious man with an overwhelmingly mysterious atmosphere. He appears before Nayuta, seeking the Master Gear in Noi's possession.
  • Serum: A mysterious knight who travels with Zext, blocking Nayuta and Signa's path with his massive sword.
  • Mishy: A mysterious cat-like creature marked by its cries of 'Mishishi' and high intelligence. They are very rare creatures, almost never seen by anyone.
  • Lyra Burton: A 15-year-old girl who lives on Remnant Island. She is a childhood friend of both Nayuta and Signa.
  • Creha: A mysterious sleeping girl that Nayuta discovers inside a coffin in the center of Star Garden. She has no memory of anything prior to waking up.
  • Ada (Nayuta): The only daughter of the blacksmith Kornha, who runs the Ryuusei Workshop.
  • Sasha (Nayuta): The manager of the Sunset General Store. She collects antique dolls and makes outfits for them.
  • Professor Volans: A researcher who studies the ruins that have fallen to Remnant Island.
  • Cealam: Colon's twin sister and an assistant to Professor Volans.
  • Colon: Cealam's twin sister and an assistant to Professor Volans.
  • Gio: The manager of the Forest Continent Oltapia. While he possesses a child-like form, he speaks like an old man, acting like an aloof hermit. He often acts as a mediator to the issues of the other managers.
  • Erislet: The manager of the Abyss Continent, Rizweld. Although she has a very domineering personality, she is much like an older sister. She’s called the ‘Song Priestess’ due to her beautiful singing voice.
  • Argol: The manager of the Continent of the Sacred Mountain, Heinmel. He is a military man with his face covered by a massive helmet, which muffles his voice. He’s very strict and blunt, and though he acts on his own, this does not mean that he has a dislike towards other people.
  • Nemeas: The manager of the Continent of Origins, La Worg. Unlike the other managers, she is a tiny figure. As her name implies, she is very wise, and possesses great insight.



Concept artwork published for Nayuta no Kiseki's announcement

Nihon Falcom announced Nayuta no Kiseki as a 2012 release for PlayStation Portable on 21 December 2011. After celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2011, Falcom's approach to their 31st year as a new start was reflected in Nayuta: a new start in every regard. Nayuta was announced with only its logo and concept artwork. The logo features a machine similar to an artificial satelite and the concept art shows four worlds with different terrain and climate, hovering over enormous gears.

The cradled woman on Nayuta no Kiseki's teaser website

On 9 March 2012, Falcom launched a teaser website for Nayuta. The teaser website featured the definitive logo for the game and artwork of a white-haired woman sleeping in a cradle. On 6 April 2012, Falcom opened the game's official website, revealing the game's release date of 26 June 2012 and different editions and their contents. Furthermore, it features silhouettes of the main characters without revealing any details. The characters, its world and gameplay would be revealed in the following week, featuring artwork, biographies and voice actor information for Nayuta Herschel, Noi and Signa Alhazen as well as information regarding Sciencia Sea, Remnant Island and Lost Heaven. Screenshots of the game also revealed the action-based nature of the game.


Nayuta no Kiseki was released on July 26, 2012. The limited edition shipped with a Pom pass case and a drama CD featuring most events in the prologue.


Key visuals

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