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As the girl and knight approached the flaming town, they were shocked. They hurried toward the conflict to check on the townsfolk.

The town's church was crowded with casualties.

The girl carefully checked on each and every victim. Her passion encouraged the wounded.

The knight helped the girl by carrying fallen victims into the church.

After she finished tending to everyone who was there, she noticed that the lord who had sent the knight was not present.

'H-Help me!'

A familiar voice was heard from outside the church. Without a doubt, it belonged to the lord.

The moment she heard it, the girl bolted out of the church to where the battle still raged on. The knight hurriedly chased after her.

They sped in the direction of the voice and found that the lord had fallen on his back, under attack by mercenaries of the invading nation.

Disregarding the lord's pleas, one of the mercenaries raised his sword. The blade began to fall straight down toward his helpless figure, for he had only a moment left when...

The girl nimbly flung herself between the lord and the mercenary, and took the blow with her own body.

The knight had been unable to stop her. The girl collapsed on the ground with a lifeless thump.

The mercenary who had struck the girl was astounded, but quickly composed himself and pointed his blade toward the lord once again. A beastly howl resounded throughout the area. The white wolf the knight saw by the girl's home had appeared with several allies. The mercenaries were stricken with fear and retreated immediately.

The lord, the collapsed girl, and the pack of white wolves were all that remained. Paying the wolves no heed, the lord could not comprehend why the girl had saved him.

The girl, flat on the ground, smiled at the lord.

'Why would you save someone who wanted you dead?' he instinctively asked.

She replied in turn, 'Your Grace is of great importance to this town. I had no choice but to rescue the symbol of the townsfolk.'

The girl protected the lord in consideration of the townsfolk, who suffered due to the battle.

As the lord grasped the kindness of the girl and pondered his own foolishness, the girl closed her eyes for the final time.

The white wolves surrounding him howled, as if crying in grief, and then left.

The knight shed tears when he saw the girl's lifeless body.

After that, the long war had come to an end.

Touched by the girl's kindness, the lord took over her will and established a 'hospital,' where the wounded and sick would be looked after. With the knight's help, the hospital came to save many lives.

The girl's name, Ursula, was passed down as the name of a saint dispatched by the Goddess. The white wolves who watched over her are said to protect and watch over the people of this land to this day.















娘は倒れ伏したまま、領主に微笑みかけます。 「なぜ、おまえを殺そうとまでした私を助けた?」

思わず領主が娘にたずねると、彼女は答えます。 「領主さまはこの町をまとめる大事なお方です。この先、町の人が(しるべ)を失わないためにも、あなたを助けずにはいられなかったのです。」