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Count Theodore Egret (セオドア・イーグレット) is the maternal grandfather of Musse.



Theodore is an older man with pale eyes, white hair and a thick moustache. His hair is tied back with a lavender bow. he wears a long olive green coat with a brown stylised edge and lapel over a white shirt, green and gold waistcoat and long amber cravat. He also wears beige trousers with white stockings and leather shoes, which have a purple ornament on them.


Theodore is an accommodating and polite man who gives thought to other cultures and traditions. He is a moderate and does not engage with much of the pompousness of other nobles.


Before retirement, Theodore worked as an advisor to the previous Duke Cayenne.[1] As a close friend with the previous Count Le Guin, he has known Aurelia Le Guin ever since she was a young girl.[1]

Trails of Cold Steel III

Count Egret is met for the firts time when new Class VII and their instructor Rean Schwarzer are brought to their home by Musse.After being graciously welcomed, Theodore teases the group that Musse may return with a new husband, playing into Musse's teasing of Rean. Whilst he has no information on their hunt for jaegar corps, he does still have a lot of hearsay. Although invited to the provincial council, he prefers retirement. He welcomes them back any time.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

After the Great Twilight begins and the National mobilisation Law is announced, Theodore searches for an alternative 'third path' to war. he meets with Fernand Hyarms on board an airliner, however they are accosted by jaegars, Gilbert Stein and the Imperial Defence Force who are looking for dissidents. The Erebonian Curse affects the Defence Force, coercing them into wanting to execute them for being traitors, despite Gilbert's protests. They are rescued by Rean's party, Celestin and Setsuna, who drive the attackers off.

Theodore later sees the manifestation of one of the Fake salt pales, immediately likening it to the one that appeared in North Ambria. He later hears about the Operation: Shining Steel. he pledges his full support and wishes them well.




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