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Thoma Worzel (トーマ・ウォーゼル) is the second-born son of Lacan and Fatma Worzel, the younger brother of Gaius.


Thoma as revealed during the March 24th, 2019 live event with Toshihiro Kondo.

Thoma is considered an incredibly hard worker and has a tendency to prioritise everything and everyone before himself,[2] because he feels that he should set a good example for his little sisters.[1] He is also seen as a great horseback rider by the soldiers at Zender Gate.[1]

Love interest

Thoma's love interest is Sharl, daughter of Marx who runs the inn at Zender Gate. Although their interest is mutual yet innocent, Sharl's over-protective father refuses him to come near his daughter and ask her for her hand, even though he thinks of him as a reliable and thinks of him as a fine young man. Private Hoover likes to tease them, asking Sharl whether they already kissed.[1]

Thoma first set foot outside the Nord Highlands when he was invited by his brother Gaius to join him at the Thors Academy Festival.[3] They decided to stay the night before heading to Trista at Sharl's house in Heimdallr.[3] Unaware of Heimdallr's size, Thoma insisted on exploring the city until he and Sharl got lost. After attending his brother's performance, he went to dance with Sharl with whom he came to Trista.[3]

Thoma continues to grow up as a young knight, fighting together with his father to protect Nord during the World War. Thoma has sworn to protect Sharl.[4]



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