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Thors Military Academy (トールズ士官学院) is a prestigious military school situated in Trista, Erebonia.


Thors Military Academy was founded by Emperor Dreichels Reise Arnor in S.985. The school's aim is to prepare its military students to fulfill Emperor Dreichels' famous mandate "Arise, O youth, and become the foundation of the world".

The current principal of Thors is Principal Vandyck, a former general of the Imperial Army. The board of directors consists of one chairman and three directors. The current chairman is Imperial prince Olivert Reise Arnor, the three directors are Rufus Albarea, Carl Regnitz and Irina Reinford. Despite their own individual positions and views, they are all directly involved in the academy's administration.

In S.1204, the board of directors launched a new initiative to break the tradition of separating nobles (Class I and II) and commoners (Class III, IV and V, in different groups, through the social experiment referred to as Class VII. Class VII would also be made responsible for the testing of the ARCUS combat orbment, along with the newly developed Orbal Staff. This becomes the focal point in Trails of Cold Steel.


  • Auditorium: Used primarily for assemblies and other public gatherings. It was used during the Entrance Ceremony as well as the annual Academy Festival.
  • Academy Field: A large, open dirt field to the west of the school grounds. This is the home of the Lacrosse Club and Riding Club.
  • Engineering Building: A small facility housing the Engineering Club. This is where George Nome has his shop.
  • Gymnasium: The primary athletic facility of Thors. It houses the school swimming pool, as well as dedicated training rooms for a variety of sports clubs. The Fencing Club and Swimming Club is located here.
  • Library: The school library, home of Instructor Thomas.
  • Main Building: The main classroom building. All six official classes of the student body are taught here, and it is where all lecture is held during school hours.
  • Old Schoolhouse: The former main building of Thors, not currently in use. It is where Class VII conducts a monthly investigation in Trails of Cold Steel.
  • Reverie Corridor: A changed version of the Old Schoolhouse. It is a place that Class VII investigates during Trails of Cold Steel II.
  • Student Union Building: a building dedicated to the social, organizational activities, representation, and academic support of Thors students. It is home to the Student Council, as well as a wide variety of student run clubs.

Staff members


Year Class Name Club Post-graduation activities
1203 Class I Angelica Rogner Bike Travelling
1203 Class I Friedel Fencing Travelling with Loggins
1203 Class I Vincent Florald None Domain manager, Florald Family
1203 Class II Edel Gardening Lodge manager
1203 Class II Fidelio Photography Photographer, Imperial Chronicle?
1203 Class II Lambert Riding Imperial Guard?
1203 Class II Theresia Caroline Lacrosse Second Lieutenant, 3rd Air Force, Imperial Army
1203 Class III Clara Voce Art Sculptor
1203 Class III George Nome Engineering Travelling
1203 Class III Stefan Chess Intelligence Division, Imperial Army
1203 Class IV Emily Lacrosse Second Lieutenant, 3rd Air Force, Imperial Army
1203 Class IV Hibelle Wind Orchestra Military band, Imperial Army
1203 Class IV Loggins Fencing Travelling with Friedel
1203 Class IV Towa Herschel Student Council Instructor, Thors Branch Campus
1203 Class V Crow Armbrust None Not yet graduated
1203 Class V Dorothee Literature Author
Receptionist, Imperial Museum
1203 Class V Klein Swimming

Intelligence Division, Imperial Army

1203 Class V Nicholas Cooking Zemurian Railroad Corporation
1204 Class I Patrick T. Hyarms Fencing Mediator Provincial Council

Helping out the Hyarms Family

1204 Class I Ferris Florald Lacrosse Branch Manager, Riviera Court
1204 Class II Bridget Wind Orchestra Alan's fiancée
1204 Class II Kenneth Lakelord Imperial Fishing Fishing
1204 Class II Margarita Dresden Cooking Helping out the Dresden Family
1204 Class III Beryl Occult Research Society Wandering fortuneteller
1204 Class III Hugo Kleist None Managing director, Kleist & Co.
1204 Class III Mint Wind Orchestra Maintenance, Thors Branch Campus
1204 Class III Monica Swimming Welfare organisation, North Ambria
1204 Class IV Alan Fencing Warrant Officer, 4th Armored Division, Imperial Army
1204 Class IV Casper Swimming Maritime transport, Lamarre Province
1204 Class IV Colette None Designer

Established her own brand of general goods

1204 Class IV Linde Art Medical intern, St. Ursula Medical College
1204 Class IV Vivi Gardening Reporter, Imperial Chronicle
1204 Class V Becky None Owner, Becky & Co.
1204 Class V Munk None Director, Radio Trista
1204 Class V Paula Riding Horse trainer
1204 Class V Rex Photography Photographer, Imperial Chronicle
1204 Class V Rosine None Squire, Gralsritter, Septian Church
1204 Class VII Alisa Reinford Lacrosse General Manager 4th Development Division, Reinford
1204 Class VII Crow Armbrust None Not yet graduated
1204 Class VII Elliot Craig Wind Orchestra Musician
1204 Class VII Emma Millstein Literature None, returned to Hexen Clan
1204 Class VII Fie Claussell Gardening Bracer
1204 Class VII Gaius Worzel Art Dominion No. 8, Gralsritter, Septian Church
1204 Class VII Jusis Albarea Riding Acting duke, Kreuzen Province
1204 Class VII Laura S. Arseid Swimming Acting master, Arseid school
1204 Class VII Machias Regnitz Chess Inspector, Government Accountability Inspectorate
1204 Class VII Millium Orion Cooking Intelligence Division, Imperial Army
1204 Class VII Rean Schwarzer None Instructor, Thors Branch Campus
1206 Class I Cedric Reise Arnor Ouroboros
1206 Class I Ada Grant Not yet graduated
1206 Class I Frits Not yet graduated

Map of the campus

Thors - Field Map (Sen1)



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