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Thousand Oathbreaker (千の破戒者), often abbreviated to Oathbreaker (破戒), is the alias of Anguis IV of Ouroboros.[1] Originally a member of the Order of the Moonlight Horse, Thousand Oathbreaker joined Ouroboros alongside Golden Butterfly and Kreuger when it was destroyed by Ouroboros in S.1194.[1]

In Trails in the Sky the 3rd, Star Door 14: "Phantasmal Blaze", Oathbreaker expresses his surprise over Georg Weissmann's death following the conclusion Gospel Plan and inquires after the assassin's name. He then criticises the Second Anguis for "not even [mourning Leonhardt's] loss for more than a second before setting [her] eyes on a new guy".[2]

Information about Thousand Oathbreaker is limited. Even though he may have been active in Erebonia during Trails of Cold Steel I and II,[Note 1] his identity remains unknown.




  1. When Arianrhod enters the Celestial Globe in Ao no Kiseki, Chapter 3: "Flux: Carnival of Beasts", she updates the other Anguis that "the rest will be left to Oathbreaker"[JP 1] before turning her attention to Crossbell.[3] When she herself starts her activities in Erebonia from Trails of Cold Steel III, Chapter 3: "Pulse of Steel" onward, she states that "Oathbreaker and Mariabell have taken on the responsibility for Arteria".[JP 2]


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