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Times Department Store (タイムズ) is a department store located at Central Square, Crossbell City.


Times is large shopping facility with a clock face adorning the entranceway. Its name comes from the fact that Central Square used to be called Times Square.

Several store fronts operate within the building. General goods and Imported foods are found on the ground floor, whilst there is a boutique, shoe shop (run by the Strega Corporation) and accessory store on the upper level. Later, they open up the roof, and while it has no shops, it does offer an excellent view of the city. They are open until 8PM.

Times has a lost and found service where they are supposed to pass on items to the police after one week. However, they often try to keep items longer than this. They also give the first 100 patrons a free gift if they visit on rainy days. The schedules for airship, train and buses are kept as an additional convenience for customers.

One of their principles is 'to be with you in the good times and the bad.' Their overall mission statement is to satisfy customers and give them a place to relax.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Times operates in the Central Square. The manager, Neston has a history leading projects in various industries before his role in Times, and reputable in the financial and political spheres of the city. Neston personally scouted each of the store fronts from Crossbell and neighbouring countries. Additionally, recognising Cynthia's potential, Neston scouted her for the position of receptionist in Times. The store had been refurbished one year prior to the events of Trails from Zero after trying to match the rapidly changing aesthetic in the area.

Cynthia is consulted when the Special Support Section come looking for a missing boy. During the festival, The manager is preparing an all-new project, designed to entice customers on the last day of the festival. Cynthia explains his projects are always loved by the customers. This turns out to be Mishy, dancing around the store.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

The new manager, Erich, dislikes one of the recently hired staff from the previous management, Patiry. Her crude demeanour and sense of justice in regards to getting customers a fair deal conflicts with his own ambitions. Despite trying to get her fired, Cynthia, a long time employee who he cannot resist listening to convinces him otherwise. Erich mentions the previous manger explicitly gave him orders not to fire anyone. Erich does come to appreciate Patiry's skills once he sees the value in having someone like her around, especially after soldiers would boss their way around and make themselves a nuisance in the lead up to the Great War. Nevertheless, Patiry is very popular with the customers.

During this period, more and more customers have ties to the military, requisitioning of supplies has meant sales have gone through the roof and Erich believes he is in line for a promotion. Times does business with Kleist & Co.


  • Erich (manager)
  • Neston (former manager)
  • Cynthia (receptionist)
  • Janetta (receptionist)
  • Southwark (Southwark general Store)
  • Legion (Legion's Foods)
  • Gladys (Legion's Foods)
  • Pearl (former receptionist)
  • Patiry (receptionist)
  • Prada (Boutique Lucca)
  • Trek (Strega Shop)
  • Baker (Baker's Accessories)


  • Paola
  • Mary