Tio, a NPC you meet on the Perzel Farm

Tio Perzel is a girl who lives on the Perzel Farm west of Estelle's hometown of Rolent.

The oldest of the three children of the farm's owner, Tio is the same age as Estelle and Joshua and used to attend Sunday school together with them and Elissa. After graduating Sunday school, Tio decided she wanted to carry on her family's business and started helping her parents on the farm.

The farm runs into some trouble when monsters start appearing who feast on the crops at night. Her parents put in an extermination request with the Bracer Guild, which is taken up by Estelle and Joshua. Spending some time on the farm while waiting for the night to fall, Tio takes the opportunity to engage in some girl talk with Estelle and mentions Joshua is quite popular with the girls in town and has turned down several confessions. When this comes as a surprise to Estelle, Tio tells Estelle she's amazed the latter hasn't fallen for him which in turn baffles Estelle. The discussion is cut short by Joshua picking up Estelle to do their rounds, but Tio concludes that Estelle is either naive or just dense.


Tio is the daughter of Franz and Hannah Perzel and the sister of Will and Chere.

She's also a former classmate and friend of Estelle, Joshua and Elissa.

She's a former pupil of Father Divine.

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