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Tio Plato (ティオ・プラトー) is a member of the Crossbell Police Department's Special Support Section as well as the Research Chief of the Epstein Foundation's Crossbell Branch.



Tio is a petite young woman with blue hair and amber eyes. She wears her most of her hair in twintails while leaving some of it down. She wears a mauve colored dress underneath a matching cape. She also wears long black sleeves and stockings, which together with the rest of her outfit possess a gold trim. On her chest she wears the large Aeon System unit, which interfaces with her headband resembling cat ears that glow when using her enhanced 'senses'.

In her appearances in the Cold Steel series, she wears a white coat over her dress instead of her cape, in the same shade as her old friend and former co-worker Randy Orlando. She no longer sports the chest protector but keeps the headband. The gold trim is either replaced with silver or gone completely.

Tio carries an experimental orbal staff consisting of a long slender pole with golden ornaments on top. As an orbal staff tester for the Epstein foundation, Tio has to write general reports on its usage. The staff displays the ability to change form when using different modes and attacks- displaying at least two alternative forms.


Tio is a small and reserved girl. She is very polite at first meeting, but warms up overtime and gives a bit of subtle sass and jokes around alot, teasing her acquaintances.

Tio loves all things cute, and may not always admit it. She has a transcendent love for all things Mishy and is perhaps one of the most devout fans of the franchise, knowing all the lore and watching the performances fervently.


Tio was born in Remiferia in S.1190.

In S.1195 she was abducted by the D∴G Cult and became a subject for human experimentation in the lodges that the cult controlled. The lodge she resided in was located in the Calvard Republic, where children like her were experimented on in order to collect data for the cult's drug, Gnosis. Over time Tio began to lose her feelings, as a side effect of the experimentation she had been submitted to. She could not feel anything but pain and fear. Due to the tests for data collection, Tio's senses were enhanced, which allowed her to especially hear more than the average human. Tio was the only successful subject in her lodge, for all the other children could not take the the suffering and high doses of drugs. She could only hear screams and see blood as the rest of the children died at the expense of the demonic experiment. Tio, alongside Renne and Ennea were the only known children that survived in a relatively good mental shape. During the extermination of the cult in S. 1198, she was liberated from the experiments by Guy Bannings who alongside Arios MacLaine and Sergei Lou, successfully infiltrated Tio's lodge and put an end to the D∴G Cult's schemes. After their plans being crushed, the cult all committed suicide to leave no traces of what was to come next. Tio recalls Guy stepping over all the bodies littered on the floor just to reach the only surviving life, herself.

After being hospitalized for half a year, Tio returned home to her parents' place. There she started to display abnormal symptoms as a result of the experiments, causing frictions with her parents and direct environment. She ran away from home and joined the Epstein Foundation at the age of 11 in S.1201.

She worked as part of the Foundation's research team due to her advanced intellect. After reaching 14, she was transferred to Crossbell State in exchange to establish the Police's newest division, the Special Support Section. In truth, she enrolled as Epstein Foundation's tester for the new Orbal staves while researching on the "Aeon System", a link system which is said to enable the “resonance connection of info-processing” between humans and machines.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Overtime with her new friends, Lloyd, Elie and Randy, Tio solved a variety of cases while confronting her traumatizing past against the D∴G Cult. After the incident, she began to open up more than being the team's techno-operator, but more closely to Lloyd, the younger brother of her savior.

Early Days with the SSS

Tio is first introduced as a quiet girl, the youngest member of the SSS, on loan from the Epstein Foundation as part of the Orbal Staff testing program. Despite Lloyd's initial hesitation, she quickly shows maturity beyond her years with her adeptness with combat and technology. Lloyd worries that she’s being forced to work at such a young age when he remembers wanting to do nothing more than play with his friends at her age. But she assures him that she’s working willingly and that she has her own reason to be in Crossbell.

During the SSS’s first case, Tio starts to emerge as a source of knowledge, citing the police database as they work to gather clues. Tio hates being treated like a child, and when the team first meets Chief Roberts, who had been secretly dropping off Orbal Staff upgrades at the Gironde Armory out of fear that he would be bothering her, Tio chastises him, saying she hates the way he dotes over her.

Facing Her Past

When investigating the monster attacks in Armorica Village, before heading back to the city, Tio stops after hearing something faint in the distance, and scans the areas with her sensors. After not detecting it again, she nervously apologizes, saying she was probably just hearing things, but to her surprise, the other SSS members take her seriously and ask about the range of her sensors.

Then, during the investigation of the monster attack at St. Ursula Hospital, the team talks to Martha, the head nurse. She recognizes Tio and comments on how beautiful she’s become since she last saw her. Tio is clearly quite disturbed by the encounter and backs away, saying she’ll come visit Martha later. In the hallway, she admits she was admitted to the hospital 6 years prior. Elie gives her a hug, and the SSS encourages her not to let her past get her down, even though she hasn’t shared any of the details. Tio goes on to surprise the team by using her senses to communicate with Zeit, even becoming able to call on him for help in battle.

During the festival, the team gets a call from Jona, who asks them to investigate the hacker, "Kitty". Tio and Lloyd enter Geofront A Block, and Lloyd rescues her in an unusual moment of aloofness. Inside the terminal room, while waiting for Jona, they start with an awkward conversation, with Lloyd trying to break the ice by commenting on Tio’s Mishy strap on her Enigma unit. But Lloyd is shocked when Tio says that the strap was given to her five years ago by Guy Bannings, Lloyd’s older brother. Tio admits that her birthplace is actually Remiferia and not Leman, and Lloyd remembers his last memory of his brother when Guy said he was heading to “escort this cutie back home.” Tio tells Lloyd a bit more of her story, about Guy rescued her, about how she was hospitalized for six months, about how she returned to Crossbell to find him, but learned Guy had passed away. She concludes her story saying that an Epstein Foundation researcher took interest in her by chance, thinking her sensory abilities would be useful, and recruited her to work the Foundation in Leman as part of the Orbal Staff development team. She spent three years as a researcher in Leman before finally returning to Crossbell.

“Rest easy Tio. I know that you can find happiness. And if you have trouble finding it  just give me a call. Together we'll send the source of your sadness packing!”—Guy Bannings

Tio mentions that she’s a little different form normal people - she can hear sounds average people could never hear, she can detect the flow of Orbal energy or elements undetectable by technology, and even peoples’ emotions and their heartbeats. She was always alone at Sunday School, and the subject of gossip and teasing. And when her presence made her home more and more tense, she realized it would have been better if she had never come home at all. Lloyd asks that Tio let him keep the promise his brother had made to her, about helping her find happiness. Tio finds this interesting and says that Lloyd reminds her of Guy in the way his spirit shines and how he looks forward with confidence. Yet she also encourages him to remember that he is his own person and not to try to equate himself with Guy. To that end, she asks him to find a new promise to make with her that is his own.


During the Mainz investigation, the team learns of the missing miner Gantz. Tio started looking distant and distraught throughout this investigation, and when asked she brushed it off saying she was tired from the day of investigating. KeA and various townspeople begin commenting that she didn't seem right. When the team makes it to St. Ursula Hospital to consult with Joachim and they show him the blue pills, Tio becomes more and more pale when he says they remind him of the Gnosis drug, and on their way out of the hospital, she passes out.

Tio wakes up shortly after in Cecil's room surrounded by her worried friends. She insists she tell them her whole story, and she tells them that she was snatched away from her parents when she was five years old and held captive by a religious sect. She said she was held as an “offering” as part rituals for worshipping devils and rejecting Aidios. The particular lodge she was held at was performing ceremonies in the form of human experimentation. Sensors were hooked up to their entire bodies and they were pumped full of drugs in an effort to try to enhance their five senses. They even used hypnosis to try to increase her sensitivity to supernatural phenomena. She went on to say that she might have been the luckiest member in her lodge in a sense - the other children started dying around her and when she was the last one left, her sensory abilities had become strong enough for her to hear the cries of the last victim before her die beyond the walls. Finally, Guy rescued her, the only survivor, debilitated beyond recognition.

As we learned before, Guy escorted her back to Remiferia, promising to help her find her happiness one day. But returning to Crossbell she found that Guy had been killed, yet she wasn’t even sad.

‘It's as if in exchange for this power, I had my emotions stripped away.”

She admitted she wanted to ask Guy, a man so completely full of happiness and optimism, the answer to the question that eats at her every day - “Why am I alive?” Why was she the one to survive? What was she supposed to do with her broken life? She still doesn’t know the answer. This question becomes an ongoing part of Tio's journey of finding herself that carries throughout the series. Elie gives her a big hug, and the SSS encourages her, saying that no one has the answer to that question, that they all have their own pasts to contend with.

That night, KeA insists on sleeping in Tio's room, and the next morning, Lloyd makes Tio promise not to bottle up her feelings anymore, as it could compromise their mission. Tio has a reaction the first time the team catches a glimpse of the Sun Fort. When the team confronts Joachim in the Sun Fort, Tio faces him showing anger and uncharacteristic emotion, blaming him and chastising him for his role in the cult, and the pain she and others had gone through.

From Zero to Ao - Return to Leman

After the SSS solved the cult incident, they returned to Crossbell as heroes. The SSS know that they only succeeded with the help of others and resolve to strengthen themselves. Lloyd receives a personal invitation to train with the First Division, Elie is invited to travel internationally, and Tio struggles with what she ought to do. She finally consults with Chief Roberts, proclaiming that she wants to return to Leman to work more on the Aeon System who reluctantly agrees. Finally, the SSS is temporarily disbanded and Tio returns to the Epstein Foundation headquarters in Leman State.

Return to Crossbell

Tio remains working in Leman as the SSS begins to regroup, communicating with the team via the terminal. The night before the Trade Conference, Tio is en route back to Crossbell when Lloyd and the SSS end up trapped in the terminal control room of Geofront B Block by Campanella, forced to beat him at Pomtto to survive. Before the second round of the game, Tio's voice can be heard as she had hacked into the system from outside the room. She defeats Campanella decisively, saving her friends from a firey death, and reunites with them outside the terminal room. The entire SSS, including Chief Sergei and KeA, are delighted that she had returned and thank her for her excellent work.

During the conference, Tio finds herself feeling dizzy after their discussion with Chancellor Osborne. During the raid on Orchis Tower, Tio puts her Aeon System to good use helping to unblock door locks and elevators as the team chases the intruders to the basement.

Following the conference, the team is invited to Michelam by Mariabell for a vacation. Lloyd is distraught after seeing the slaughter carried out by the Red Constellation beneath the Orchis Tower. On the ferry, Tio consoles him, saying that although she herself is probably more used to death than him, that doesn't mean she's nearly as prepared as him to face the barriers in their path. This brings Lloyd out of his slump, and he pets Tio's head as they decide to enjoy their long-awaited vacation together.

When the team is finally able to relax and enjoy the park, Tio is ecstatic about the chance to catch as many glimpses of Mishy as possible. And when she and Lloyd make a wish in front of the mirror in the Castle of Mirrors, she again wishes that she'll one day find her own meaning for being alive.

The Azure-Zero Project

Following the train derailment case, the Bracer Guild contacts the SSS, concerned that Lynn and Aeolia (who, incidentally, is a huge fan of Tio and all things cute) have gone missing. Tio, Chief Roberts, and Jona propose using Tio's Aeon System in conjunction with a measurement device to detect the weak signals coming from the bracers' Enigma units. On the rooftop of the Orchis Tower, Tio activates the system in limit break mode and she and Jona are able to pinpoint the location of the missing bracers - the wetlands to the south.

After locating the bracers, the team comes across Campanella, Arianrhod, and F. Novartis, whom Tio recognizes as the author of the Astral Code, used to hack the Orbal Network. Novartis expresses great interest in Tio's past and abilities and attempts to recruit her to join the Society, to which Tio flatly refuses.

After Randy leaves the SSS to take the fight to the Red Constellation in his own hands, the team find him and persuade him to rejoin them. When Randy laments the embarrassing way the team is consoling him, Tio is reminded of her experience after passing out in the hospital, saying that it's a path she had followed once before as well.

After facing Arios in the Mirror Castle, the SSS is captured and Tio is taken to Ursula Hospital and held captive there. After reuniting with Zeit and Wazy and gaining access to the Merkabah, the team approaches the hospital and Zeit detects Tio's presence within. After dispatching the guards at the gate, Tio's voice rings out from within. She runs to Lloyd and hugs him tight, her chest protector slamming into him, in a tearful reunion and a moment of outward emotion we start to see from her more and more.

Tio joins the Merkabah crew working on the bridge. The night before the final battle, Tio receives a letter from her parents. She had left her home in Remiferia as her parents had a difficult time accepting her and her enhanced senses. However, her parents were now worried sick about her, and had come as far as the Crossbell border looking for her after reaching out to the Foundation for information about her. Now that they had come so far together and she had found people who accepted her as she was. Now she finally felt that she was closer to an answer to her question:

"Yes- I am alive. ..How should I live, and for what reason... I felt like I understood the answer to the question I tried asking Guy three years ago. ...And when I read this letter, my real feelings gushed forth like melting ice."


Following the Imperial annexation of Crossbell in S.1205, Tio once again returned briefly to the Epstein Foundation's headquarters in Leman. For the sake of her former Special Support Section members, however, she returned to Crossbell.

Although she is under constant surveillance of the Intelligence Division, she fulfills the role of chief researcher and "liaison" for parties involved. She regularly exchanges thoughts with other orbal engineers.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Tio is introduced to Rean Schwarzer and New Class VII in the new Reinford building in Crossbell (the former IBC) where she is working for the Epstein Foundation, having travelled back to Leman for a while and eventually finding herself promoted to development chief of the Crossbell branch. She is very curious about Valimar and mentions collaborating with Alisa Reinford. She joins the party in an excursion into the Geofront Sector F to fix some glitches with an orbal terminal and witnesses the Magic Knight manifest.

As per her affiliation with the SSS, Tio is being watched by the Intelligence Division and is mostly confined to the RF building. She can still provide help to Rean's group remotely via projecting an image from the terminals to help with the search of Crossbell's spirit veins for where Ouroboros are hiding.

She later travels to Heimdallr during the Summer Festival, and once again offers her assistance. She travels with Agate Crosner via orbal bike to the Gral of Erebos and helps keep the forces outside busy in an effort to stop the Great Twilight.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Following the events of the previous game, Tio was kept hostage with Elise Schwarzer at Thors Branch Campus by students of the Thors Military Academy, although both of them were kept safe.

When Class VII came to rescue her and Elise, they were transferred to Einhel Keep. G. Schmidt allowed Tio to modify the difficulty of "Level X"; she did so with enthusiasm, making it unreasonably difficult. Despite this, they were able to get through and rescue the two of them.

Before the Great War began, Tio went with her former SSS members to Mishelam Wonderland, where she was excited to see a special reserve Mishy show live. Alongside Jingo, she had Jona record the show for them. Jona then complained about having to record a children's mascot show, causing Tio to threaten him by leaking his past onto the orbal network if he ruined her day.

When the war started, Tio accompanied her SSS colleagues to assault one of the five Salt Pales powering Tuatha De Danann. She later attended the wedding of Olivert Reise Arnor and Scherazard Harvey.

Trails into Reverie

Tio reunites with the other members of the SSS and helps storm the Orchis Tower to oust the remnants of the Imperial Defence force. She later assist the SSS in various support requests around the city in preparation for the re-independence ceremony, as well as several celebrations to commemorate their reunion together and full return. She is scattered with the others when they are unsuccessful in fending off Supreme Leader Rufus Albarea.

Tio later reconvenes with Lloyd's party and travels with him meeting up with Roberts, Jona , Agate and Tita and they decide to investigate the West RF Arsenal to find Professor F. Novartis. They face archaisms with advanced technology and discover the facility has been heavily modified. After reaching the interior of the facility, they confront Novartis and a Simulacrum of McBurn and later escape the burning factory.

Tio is present for the retaking of Crossbell and the subsequent assault on Reverse Babel to stop Elysium and Keraunos. She helps link Lapis Rosenberg to the system in order to delete the program.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel III

Tio Plato
Tio Plato Note (Sen III).png
Epstein Foundation
A research chief working at the Epstein Foundation's Crossbell branch. A former member of the SSS.
Entrusted Wish
After Lloyd and the others were confined to Mishelam, she and Randy entrusted Rean with the protection of Crossbell.
Mishy Fangirl
Excited about rumors of a new character's appearance during Mishy's stage show. Her love for Mishy is second to none.

Tio Plato Note (Sen III).png

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Tio Plato
Tio Plato Note (Sen III).png
Epstein Foundation
A research chief working at the Epstein Foundation's Crossbell branch. She's been helping Lloyd from behind the scenes.
A whiz at the orbal network, she used her expert computing skills to help spread info about Arc en Ciel's performance.
Mishy Lore
Mecha Mishy was finally revealed to be Mishy's long-lost brother! Jingo and Tio were deeply moved by this shocking twist.

Tio Plato Note (Sen III).png

Trails into Reverie

Tio Plato Note (Hajimari).png



Trails from Zero

base stat by level
3 290 26 39 25 29 28 3 20 7 1
10 552 28 57 39 47 29 3 21 8 1
20 1071 31 92 68 82 21 3 23 10 1
30 1759 35 139 107 129 33 3 25 12 1
40 2618 40 197 155 187 35 3 27 14 1

EP begin at 52 and scale with orbment slot with all is orbment level 2 she has 771 EP.


Trails from Zero

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Orbal Staff (Crossbell Weapon).png Researcher
130 Initial weapon
An orbal staff with output purposefully suppressed.
Orbal Staff (Crossbell Weapon).png Lyrical Cane
390 Gironde Armory (Prologue)
Designed for stable output at the cost of firepower. Magical!
Orbal Staff (Crossbell Weapon).png Laplacian
1000 Gironde Armory (Chapter 1)
An orbal staff designed to combat monsters on the field.
Orbal Staff (Crossbell Weapon).png Euclid
300 Laplacian x1
U-Material x2
Guillaume Factory (Chapter 1)
An enhanced orbal staff able to amplify the user's will.
Orbal Staff (Crossbell Weapon).png Harmonic Staff
2100 Gironde Armory (Chapter 2)
A dynamic staff with many openings for orbal arts.
Orbal Staff (Crossbell Weapon).png Demon's Spell
500 Harmonic Staff x1
U-Material x3
Guillaume Factory (Chapter 2)
Installed with a support unit for accurately firing orbal arts.
Orbal Staff (Crossbell Weapon).png Cyclotron
4050 Gironde Armory (Chapter 3)
Amplify and convert energy from rotation into orbal energy.
Orbal Staff (Crossbell Weapon).png Aries Rod
900 Cyclotron x1
U-Material x5
Guillaume Factory (Chapter 3)
[STR+95/RNG+2/Causes Freeze +10%]
An orbal staff enhanced with heat-absorbing quartz.
Orbal Staff (Crossbell Weapon).png Stargazer
7750 Gironde Armory (Chapter 4)
A staff that concentrates and fires orbal energy.
Orbal Staff (Crossbell Weapon).png Schrodinger
1600 Stargazer x1
U-Material x10
Guillaume Factory (Chapter 4)
[STR+150/RNG+2/Causes Deathblow +10%]
A black staff set with a quartz that casts deathblow arts.
Orbal Staff (Crossbell Weapon).png Professor
11000 Gironde Armory (Final Chapter)
Produced using Epstein Foundation's besst technology.
Orbal Staff (Crossbell Weapon).png Florentin
Monster Chest (Final Dungeon)
Contains vast orbal energy, requiring a strong will to use.
Orbal Staff (Crossbell Weapon).png Chat Noir
Zemurian Ore x1 IBC (Final Chapter)
[STR+250/ATS+20/RNG+2/Causes Deathblow +20%]
A staff made from a strange ore. Directly assaults life.

Trails to Azure

Towa Herschel - SD (Sen II).png
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Trails of Cold Steel III

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Orbal Staff Tio (Sen III Weapon).png Integral
Chapter 2 gear
[STR+340/ATS+30/RNG+4/Critical rate+5%]
An orbal staff made for testing, but still strong enough for battle. Magic Elemental.
Orbal Staff Tio (Sen III Weapon).png Integral +1
Chapter 4 gear
[STR+540/ATS+70/RNG+4/Critical rate+5%]
An orbal staff made for testing, but still strong enough for battle. Magic Elemental.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Orbal Staff Tio (Sen III Weapon).png Procion Zero
Act 2: "Guiding Starlight"
[STR+1130/ATS+115/RNG+4/Critical rate+2%]
High-mobility orbal staff with advanced technology from the Epstein Foundation. Magic Elemental.
Orbal Staff Tio (Sen III Weapon).png Procion Zero +1
Act 3: "Seekers of the Dawn"
[STR+1330/ATS+140/RNG+4/Critical rate+2%]
High-mobility orbal staff with advanced technology from the Epstein Foundation. Magic Elemental.
Orbal Staff Tio (Sen III Weapon).png Procion Zero +2
Finale: "Scattered Petals, Dying Flames"
[STR+1430/ATS+150/RNG+4/Critical rate+2%]
High-mobility orbal staff with advanced technology from the Epstein Foundation. Magic Elemental.

Trails into Reverie

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Orbal Staff Tio (Sen III Weapon).png Procion Zero
[STR+935 ATS+135 RNG+4]
Orbal Staff Tio (Sen III Weapon).png Procion Zero + 1
[STR+1035 ATS+155 RNG+4]
Orbal Staff Tio (Sen III Weapon).png Schrodinger G
[STR+1135 ATS+165 RNG+4]
Orbal Staff Tio (Sen III Weapon).png Schrodinger G + 1
[STR+1235 ATS+175 RNG+4]
Orbal Staff Tio (Sen III Weapon).png Schrodinger G + 2
[STR+1335 ATS+185 RNG+4]
Orbal Staff Tio (Sen III Weapon).png Schrodinger G + 3
[STR+1435 ATS+195 RNG+4]
Orbal Staff Tio (Sen III Weapon).png Cosmo Collapser
Black Zemurian Ore x1 Upgrade
[STR+1585 ATS+210 RNG+4 必殺2%]


Trails from Zero

Name Effect Cast Cost Level
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Analyze
Craft - Support - One - DEF/ADF-25%
Finds an enemy's weaknesses and lowers their defenses.
20 CP Initial
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Beam Zanber
Craft - Attack - Area (M)
Slices foes with a beam extending from an orbal staff.
30 CP Level 9
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Summon Zeit
Craft - Support - Summon Zeit (Support Character Turn)
Telepathically calls Zeit with an orbal staff.
30 CP Story[note 1]
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Energy Circle
Craft - Recovery - Area (M) - HP Heal (M) - Cures Ailments/Stat Down
A recovery field removes ailments from allies' bodies.
40 CP Level 26
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Absolute Zero
Craft - Attack (Set) - Area (S) - Freeze (100%)
Fires a bullet at absolute zero from a modified orbal staff.
50 CP Side quest[note 2]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Omega Strike
Combo Craft (Lloyd & Tio) - Attack - Area (M)
Seals enemies in a barrier, then shatters it.
100 CP Story[note 3]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Omega Strike 2
Combo Craft (Lloyd & Tio) - Attack - Area (L)
Seals enemies in a stronger barrier, then obliterates it.
100 CP Bonding[note 4]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Cold Gehenna
Combo Craft (Tio & Elie) - Attack - Area (L) - Freeze (50%)
Fires a frozen blast from a transformed orbal staff.
100 CP Craft Book[note 5]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Haken Storm
Combo Craft (Randy & Tio) - Attack - Area (L)
Inescapable surprise attack amplified by a time difference.
100 CP Craft Book[note 6]
S Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Ether Buster
S-Craft - Attack - Line
Transforms the orbal staff to fire a powerful laser beam.
100+ CP Initial
S Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Zero Field
S-Craft - Support - All - Max Guard
Protects all allies from one attack. If max CP, two attacks.
100+ CP Level 34
Support Craft (Crossbell Skill).png C-Protection
Support Craft - Recovery - Area (M) - HP Regen - Craft Guard
Extends an orbal barrier and rejuvinating field over an area.
Story[note 7]
  1. Summon Zeit becomes available after getting to know Zeit, starting with Chapter 2.
  2. Absolute Zero becomes available after completing the side quest Orbal Staff Enhancement in Chapter 4.
  3. Omega Strike is acquired after the hacking scene Chapter 3, Crossbell Anniversary Festival Day 3.
  4. Omega Strike 2 is acquired by seeing the respective Bonding Event in the IBC in the Final Chapter. No other "level 2" combo craft can be acquired in a single playthrough.
  5. Cold Gehenna is acquired from the Craft Book - Moon found in the Moon Temple.
  6. Haken Storm is acquired from the Craft Book - Sun found in the Ancient Battlefield.
  7. C-Protection becomes available when the party first has five members, during Chapter 2 when investigating Stargazer's Tower.

Trails to Azure

Craft Japanese Description Cost Delay Obtained
Analyse アナライザー 20 2500 Beginning
Beam Zanber II ビームザンバーⅡ 30 3500 Beginning
Summon Zeit ツァイト召喚 30 3000 Beginning
Summon Divine Wolf 神狼召喚 30 3000 Last chapter
Energy Circle エナジーサークル 40 3000 Level 26
Absolute Zero アブソリュートゼロ 50 3500 Chapter 4
Absolute Zero II アブソリュートゼロⅡ 55 3500 Level 77

Trails of Cold Steel III

Name Power Break Unbalance Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Analyze
20 CP Initial
Support - One - Analysis - Balance Down (3 turns) - STR/DEF ↓ (M) (3 turns)
Accurately analyzes enemy information and reduces balance and defense.
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Beam Zanber
A D 20% 30 CP Initial
Magical - Area M (Set)
Conjures a beam blade and slices through the enemy.
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Absolute Zero
S+ S Yes 80 CP Initial
Magical - Area M (Set) - Freeze (100%)
Transforms the orbal staff and shoots magic bullets at absolute zero.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Power Break Unbalance Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Analyze
20 CP Initial
Support - One - Analysis - Balance Down (4 turns) - STR/DEF ↓ (M) (4 turns)
Analyzes foe's weaknesses, making it easier to unbalance them.
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Beam Zanber
C+ D 20% 30 CP Initial
Magical - Area M (Set) - Impede (100%)
Conjures a beam blade and slices through the enemy.
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Absolute Zero
S S Yes 80 CP Initial
Magical - Area M (Set) - Freeze (100%)
Transforms the orbal staff and shoots magic bullets at absolute zero.
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png Ether Strike
4S D No 100+ CP Initial
Magical - All
Encases the target in sub-zero ice and fires an intense laser.

Trails into Reverie

Name Power Break Unbalance Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Analyze
20 CP Initial
補助:単体:情報解析 4ターン「バランスダウン100%」
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Beam Zanber
30 CP Initial
魔法攻撃(威力C+ ブレイクD 崩しB):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Absolute Zero
80 CP Initial
魔法攻撃(威力S ブレイクS 崩しD):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Absolute Zero 2
80 CP Level 198
魔法攻撃(威力S+ ブレイクS+ 崩しD):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Energy Circle
60 CP Level 112
HP30%回復 3ターンHP15%回復「全状態異常・能力低下」解除
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Energy Circle 2
60 CP Level 134
HP35%回復 3ターンHP20%回復「全状態異常・能力低下」解除
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Summon Divine Wolf
300 EP 3/22
攻撃(威力S ブレイクC 崩しC):
円L(地点指定):遅延+8 ポジティブ状態変化解除
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png Ether Strike
100+ CP Initial
魔法攻撃(威力4S ブレイクD 崩し無効):全体
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png
100+ CP 試練の扉
魔法攻撃(威力4S+ ブレイクC 崩し無効):

Brave Order

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

Name BP Effect
Aeon Shield
4 Absolute Reflect (4 turns)


Trails from Zero

Trails to Azure

Trails of Cold Steel III


Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Trails of Cold Steel II and III

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Trails into Reverie

Akatsuki no Kiseki


  • Tio is one of two playable characters in Trails of Cold Steel III who does not have an S-Craft, the other being Tita Russell.
  • "Tio" translates to the number "Ten" in Swedish.
  • "Tio Plato" translates to "Uncle Plate" in Spanish.
  • According to Estelle during their first meeting, she giggled about her and Lloyd's names being the same as her friend's name home in Liberl


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