Tio Plato (ティオ・プラトー) is a member of the Crossbell State Police Department's Special Support Section while running experiments for the Epstein Foundation, such as the Orbal Network and using an orbal staff in battle. She was born in Remiferia.


Tio Plato was born in Remiferia in S.1190.

In S.1195, she was abducted by the D∴G Cult and became a subject for human experimentation in the lodges that the cult controlled. During the extermination of the cult in S. 1199, she was liberated from the experiments by Guy Bannings.

After being hospitalised for half a year, Tio returned home to her parents' place. There she started to display abnormal symptoms as a result of the experiments, causing frictions with her parents and direct environment. She ran away from home and joined the Epstein Foundation at the age of 11 in S.1201.

Special Support Section


Following the Imperial annexation of Crossbell in S.1205, Tio returned briefly to the Epstein Foundation's headquarters in Leman. For the sake of her former Special Support Section members, however, she returned to Crossbell. Her mental growth compared to the other former S.S.S members is remarkable.

Although she is under constant surveillance of the Intelligence Division, she fulfils the role of chief researcher and "liaison" for parties involved. She regularly exchanges thoughts with other orbal engineers.


Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel III

Tio Plato Note (Sen III)


Zero no Kiseki

Ao no Kiseki

Trails of Cold Steel III

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Orbal Staff Tio (Sen III Weapon) Integral
Chapter 2 gear
STR+340 ATS+30 RNG+4 必殺率+5%
Orbal Staff Tio (Sen III Weapon) Integral +1
Chapter 4 gear
STR+540 ATS+70 RNG+4 必殺率+5%


Zero no Kiseki

Name Effect Cast Cost Level
Craft (Crossbell Skill) Analyzer
Craft - Support - One - DEF/ADF-25%
Finds an enemy's weaknesses and lowers their defenses.
20 CP Initial
Craft (Crossbell Skill) Beam Zanber
Craft - Attack - Area (M)
Slices foes with a beam extending from an orbal staff.
30 CP Level 9
Craft (Crossbell Skill) Summon Zeit
Craft - Support - Summon Zeit (Support Character Turn)
Telepathically calls Zeit with an orbal staff.
30 CP Story[note 1]
Craft (Crossbell Skill) Energy Circle
Craft - Recovery - Area (M) - HP Heal (M) - Cures Ailments/Stat Down
A recovery field removes ailments from allies' bodies.
40 CP Level 26
Craft (Crossbell Skill) Absolute Zero
Craft - Attack (Set) - Area (S) - Freeze (100%)
Fires a bullet at absolute zero from a modified orbal staff.
50 CP Sidequest[note 2]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill) Omega Strike
Combo Craft (Lloyd & Tio) - Attack - Area (M)
Seals enemies in a barrier, then shatters it.
100 CP Story[note 3]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill) Omega Strike 2
Combo Craft (Lloyd & Tio) - Attack - Area (L)
Seals enemies in a stronger barrier, then obliterates it.
100 CP Bonding[note 4]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill) Cold Gehenna
Combo Craft (Tio & Elie) - Attack - Area (L) - Freeze (50%)
Fires a frozen blast from a transformed orbal staff.
100 CP Craft Book[note 5]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill) Haken Storm
Combo Craft (Randy & Tio) - Attack - Area (L)
Inescapable surprise attack amplified by a time difference.
100 CP Craft Book[note 6]
S Craft (Crossbell Skill) Ether Buster
S-Craft - Attack - Line
Transforms the orbal staff to fire a powerful laser beam.
100+ CP Initial
S Craft (Crossbell Skill) Zero Field
S-Craft - Support - All - Max Guard
Protects all allies from one attack. If max CP, two attacks.
100+ CP Level 34
Support Craft (Crossbell Skill) C-Protection
Support Craft - Recovery - Area (M) - HP Regen - Craft Guard
Extends an orbal barrier and rejuvinating field over an area.
Story[note 7]
  1. Summon Zeit becomes available after getting to know Zeit, starting with Chapter 2.
  2. Absolute Zero becomes available after completing the sidequest Orbal Staff Upgrade in Chapter 4.
  3. Omega Strike is acquired after the hacking scene Chapter 3, Crossbell Anniversary Festival Day 3.
  4. Omega Strike 2 is acquired by seeing the respective bonding event in the IBC in the Final Chapter. No other "level 2" combo craft can be acquired in a single playthrough.
  5. Cold Gehenna is acquired from the Craft Book - Moon found in the Moon Temple.
  6. Haken Storm is acquired from the Craft Book - Sun found in the Ancient Battlefield.
  7. C-Protection becomes available when the party first has five members, during Chapter 2 when investigating Stargazers' Tower.

Ao no Kiseki

Craft Japanese Description Cost Delay Obtained
Analyse アナライザー 20 2500 Beginning
Beam Zanber II ビームザンバーⅡ 30 3500 Beginning
Summon Zeit ツァイト召喚 30 3000 Beginning
Summon Divine Wolf 神狼召喚 30 3000 Last chapter
Energy Circle エナジーサークル 40 3000 Level 26
Absolute Zero アブソリュートゼロ 50 3500 Chapter 4
Absolute Zero II アブソリュートゼロⅡ 55 3500 Level 77

Trails of Cold Steel III

Name Cost Delay Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill)
20 10 初期

情報解析 3ターン「バランスダウン」3ターンSTR・DEF・↓(中)

Craft (Sen III Skill)
30 20 初期
魔法攻撃(威力A ブレイクD 崩し+20%)


Craft (Sen III Skill)
80 30 初期
魔法攻撃(威力S ブレイクS 崩し有効)


Brave Order

Trails of Cold Steel III

Character Name BP Effect
Tio Plato Aeon Shield
4 Absolute Reflect (4 counts)
CP +80


Zero no Kiseki

Ao no Kiseki

Trails of Cold Steel III


Zero and Ao no Kiseki

Trails of Cold Steel III

Sen no Kiseki IV -The End of Saga-

Akatsuki no Kiseki