Todd, a NPC met in Ruan

Todd is an inhabitant of the town of Ruan.

He's employed by the Liberl Orbalship Corporation and works at the airport of Ruan as a maintenance worker-in-training under the tutelage of his older brother Clive. Though he's still merely a trainee right now, he hopes to be good enough some day to work at the Zeiss Central Factory.

His brother, due to his experience and skill, receives an offer to join the design team at the Zeiss Central Factory, but since although he likes the prospect of getting to work on a new orbal engine, he hates the idea of leaving his younger brother behind so he turns down the offer in order to stay close to his family. Todd is aware of this and feels a little guilty about being the reason his older brother is dismissing his dreams.


Todd is the younger brother and apprentice of Clive.

He's also a colleague of Edwin and Samario.

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