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Train Fanatic Recs (鉄道(てつどう)マニアのススメ) is a book that can be found in Trails from Zero in the Crossbell City Library.


Train Fanatic Recs


Train lovers, far and wide! I express to you my utmost gratitude for checking out this book.

The long tracks that cross the continent were laid out twenty years ago as a convenient transportation system for large countries such as the Erebonian Empire and the Calvard Republic.

Now, the railway has become an immensely important technology that people cannot do without. As the rails slowly will the fans. We are they, the train fanatics.

'Train fanatic' refers, respectfully, to people who either love the look of a vehicle whose years of use have gently eroded the polish of its exterior, to people who simply enjoy the act of riding in the comfort of a cabin, or to people who find rhythm in the carefully calculated and planned out service schedules characteristic of the public locomotive companies.

This book will detail the safe and fun ways that fanaticism can be indulged in honor of the forefathers who've painstakingly developed it over many months and years. It is aimed at the beginner train-loving enthusiasts and designed to cultivate and motivate the newly-awakened fanatics in exploring the fine beasts of steel and thunder in a way that is suited for each individual.

I beg of you, dear reader, to not lose sight of your adoration and admiration. Please enjoy this book at your leisure. May the radiance of the railway be with you!