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Trista (近郊都市(きんこうとし)トリスタ) is a town located east of the Imperial capital Heimdallr, Erebonia.


Trista is best known for its Thors Military Academy founded by Emperor Dreichels Reise Arnor after the War of the Lions. The town itself is old-fashioned and cozy, with several shops built around a central park.

Trista can be reached in 20 minutes from Heimdallr by Transcontinental Railroad.


The following is a list of locations found in Trista.

Class VII Dormitory

Brandon's General Goods

  • Brandon (store owner)
  • Tyzel (daughter)

Keynes' Bookstore

  • Keynes (store owner)
  • Kay (son)

Boutique - Le Sage

  • Julia (store owner)

Kirsche's Cafe & Inn

  • Fred (barista)
  • Dolly (waitress)
  • Old Man Abbot (customer)

Micht's Pawn Shop

  • Micht (store owner)

Trista - Home

  • Harrison and Hanna (husband and wife)
  • Kurt (son)

Trista - House

  • Gordon and Melissa (husband and wife)
  • Emile (son) and Annie (daughter)

Trista Station

  • Employee Matilda

Trista Chapel

  • Father Paulo
  • Sister Ornella

Trista Radio Station

  • Michael (DJ)
  • Receptionist Lala

Upper Class Dorm

Lower Class Dorm

Town Map

Trista - Field Map (Sen1)


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