Tuatha De Danann (トゥアハ・デ・ダナーン), also known as the Phantasmal Mobile Fortress (幻想機動要塞), is a flying fortress used by the Kinship of the Earth during their war against the Kinship of the Blaze prior to the Great Collapse. It is said to be their ultimate creation.[1]


Tuatha De Danann disappeared as it was caught in the space-time disruption at the end of the clash between Ark Rouge and Lost Zem when the Great One came into existence.[1]

The Black Workshop has spent the past thousand years renovating it in preparation for its use during Operation Jormungand.[1] It serves as the stage for the last Rivalry.[1]

When it appeared above Osgiliath Basin on 30 August, S.1206, it was accompanied by five 'pales' referred to as Salt Pales. It is speculated that the residues remaining in the earth were used to fortify the construction.[1]


  • Tuatha Dé Danann are a supernatural race in Irish mythology. Family members of the Tuatha Dé Danann include Lug, reminiscent of the geologist persona's name Black Alberich assumed in Trails of Cold Steel III, and Balor, referring to Black Alberich's combat shell, Zoa Balor.



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