aka Floofy

  • I live in Dallas, Texas
  • I was born on March 7
  • My occupation is Web Developer
  • I am Female

y helo thar!

(good lord, I hate wysiwyg editors.)

I am the founder, maintainer, and editor for Endless History, a website dedicated to translating news from Nihon Falcom. I've been an active streamer on twitch hitbox youtube twitch again, I've been a member of Sanctuary Crew Gaming, and I have worked on quite a number of websites, both gaming related and in the fancy schmancy corporate world. I might also have my name in a few game credits, since I'm a bookworm that has too many books.

(Even if you haven't been to Endless History, you may have actually seen my work somewhere else.)

I'm an Ys and Kiseki nerd. I've been a Falcom fan for decades, and jumped into Kiseki before Trails in the Sky FC was even known as First Chapter.

My websites are:

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