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Valerie (ヴァレリー) is a student in Class IX of the Thors Branch Campus in Trails of Cold Steel III.



Valerie is a young woman with short silver hair and lavender eyes. She wears the standard female uniform of the Branch Campus, consisting of a blue blazer, waistcoat and white skirt. Valerie also wears a gray shirt, lavender neck tie and black thigh high stockings, kept up with suspenders. She wears green stiletto boots as well and carries an orbal gun in combat.


Valerie is very independent and keeps her feelings to herself, disliking it when others probe. She has lots of built up frustration resulting from the consequences of her upbringing, the hard times in her home country and the results of Imperial annexation. She eventually finds a way to express herself in a way that her past doesn't matter, through the power of rock and gradually opens up more and begins to care for others.


Valerie is born in S.1189 in North Ambria. After the North Ambrian Disaster, its aristocracy was abolished.[2] Noble families, however, kept their wealth to some extent.[2] Children fortunate enough to be born in these families became the target of envy and anger.[2] Valerie is one such child, born into the family of the Principality's then-ruler, Prince Balmund.[2] She and her family are called the 'devil family'.[2][3]

Trails of Cold Steel III[]

At the age of 17, she enrolled at the Thors Branch Campus, where she joined Class IX under Instructor Towa Herschel. Her roommates in the dormitory are Sandy and Tatiana. The courses she excels at in the academy are cooking class and dietetics.[1]

Initially, Valerie felt a great sense of discomfort over enrolling at a military academy of the country that annexed her home a year before. This led her to keep her distance from the other students at the beginning of the year, but she gradually opened up to them. She joined the Music Club with Pablo and Gustaf. Rean helps her to realise that her past doesn't have to define her, and with encouragement from the other club members she opens up, using the power of Northern Rock to express her feelings. She turns out to have a wonderful singing voice.

Valerie gathers combat data for the academy.

Trails of Cold Steel IV[]

After the Great Twilight, Valerie travels to Crossbell and gathers information while working undercover as a nurse at St. Ursula Medical College. Mentioning Linde's name was enough for them to shelter her. Head nurse Cecile Neues thinks she has a lot of potential in this field however. She later travels to Alster to help out with the distillery. Valerie later asks Rean to help locate various sound disturbances that are interfering with their communications network. It turns out to be old archaisms activated by Pleroma grass activity. She continues to help on the Courageous II afterwards.

Trails into Reverie[]

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Valerie is still a student at the Branch Campus. At the festival, the Modern music Club plays for their biggest audience yet and Valerie thoroughly enjoys it. She claims to get all fired up when on stage, but when she calms down afterwards she find sit a bit embarrassing. She considers wearing a mask to avoid attention on stage.

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Character Notes[]

Trails of Cold Steel III[]

Valerie Note (Sen III)
Class IX: Military Finance (Modern Music Club)
A student hailing from North Ambria. Cynical and cold, she tries to distance herself from others.
Composed a song with suggestions from the others in the Modern Music Club. It turned out incredibly catchy.
Revealed as a member of the reviled noble family of North Ambria. She learned to deal with her anger through singing rock music.

Valerie Note (Sen III)

Trails of Cold Steel IV[]

Valerie Note (Sen III)
Class IX: Military Finance
A student hailing from North Ambria. She used to hold her classmates at arm's length, but has slowly started to open up to them.
While undercover at St. Ursula Hospital, Linde judged that Valerie might have what it takes to become a nurse.
Seeing fellow North Ambrian Sully working to spread joy inspired Valerie. She hopes her countrymen are inspired as well.

Valerie Note (Sen III)


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