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Valerie (ヴァレリー) is a student in Class IX of the Thors Branch Campus in Trails of Cold Steel III.


Valerie is born in S.1189 in North Ambria.

Born a Devil

After the North Ambrian Disaster, its aristocracy was abolished.[2] Noble families, however, kept their wealth to some extent.[2] Children fortunate enough to be born in these families became the target of envy and anger.[2] Valerie is one such child, born into the family of the Principality's then-ruler, Prince Balmund.[2] She and her family are called the 'devil family'.[2][3]


At the age of 17, she enrolled at the Thors Branch Campus, where she joined Class IX under Instructor Towa Herschel. Her roommates in the dormitory are Sandy and Tatiana. The courses she excels at in the academy are cooking class and dietetics.[1]

Initially, Valerie felt a great sense of discomfort over enrolling at a military academy of the country that annexed her home a year before. This led her to keep her distance from the other students at the beginning of the year, but she gradually opened up to them. She joined the Music Club with Pablo and Gustaf.

Her weapon of choice is an orbal gun. She gathers combat data for the academy.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel III

Vallery Note (Sen III)
Class IX: Military Finance (Modern Music Club)
A student hailing from North Ambria. Cynical and cold, she tries to distance herself from others.
Composed a song with suggestions from the others in the Modern Music Club. It turned out incredibly catchy.
Revealed as a member of the reviled noble family of North Ambria. She learned to deal with her anger through singing rock music.

Vallery Note (Sen III)


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