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The Valflame Palace (皇城(こうじょう)・バルフレイム(きゅう)), romanised as Balfreym Palace in Trails of Cold Steel III, is the residence of the Imperial Family of Erebonia and serves as the seat of the Imperial government.


The Valflame Palace was built around c. S.400[1] during the re-construction of Heimdallr following Zoro-Agruga's occupation, making it one of the oldest buildings in the imperial capital.

Far beneath the castle, down a long shaft accessed via a platform elevator, is where Testa-Rossa was kept before the Infernal Rite was performed.

Infernal Castle

During the Erebonian Civil War, the Valflame Palace was temporarily transformed in the Infernal Castle by Vita Clotilde as part of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan.

It returned back to normal shortly after the destruction of the Vermillion Apocalypse.


Valflame Palace

Esmelas Garden


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