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Valius Reise Arnor V (皇帝ヴァリウスⅤ世) was an emperor of Erebonia during the 10th Century of the Septian Calendar.


During his lifetime, Valius V was a ruler with a somewhat debaucherous reputation. He had countless wives and concubines.


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To further complicate the matter of succession, many of those wives came from prestigious noble families, all of whom began competing for power and wanted their offspring to take the throne.

Within days of Valius V's death in S.947, Crown Prince Manfred, the son of his first wife, was assassinated by an unknown party. Following the death of his son, the fourth prince and the son of the first of Emperor Valius' secondary wives, Prince Orthros, seized the capital by force. Once in control, he declared himself the new emperor and began purging all those who dared to oppose him.

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