Valleria Lake's northern shore in Bose.

Valleria Lake (ヴァレリア湖), also known as the Pearl of Liberl (リベールの真珠),[1] is a lake in Liberl, located in the centre of the kingdom.


There are two rivers that connect Valleria Lake to Azelia Bay in the east: the Roubine River, which runs through the City of Ruan, and the man-made Lhotse Waterway that runs through Air-Letten.

It is not known how deep the lake exactly is, but both Klaudia von Auslese and Maintenance Chief Gustav state that the lake is terribly deep.[2][3] Many archaeological finds are discovered from Valleria Lake,[4] including the Recluse Cube from the ruins of the Liber Ark at the beginning of Trails in the Sky the 3rd.

The lake has been known as Valleria Lake since before the Great Collapse.[5]

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