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Valleria Lakeshore is a popular tourist destination located on the shores of Valleria Lake in Liberl.


Valleria Lakeshore is a famous tourist destination located on the shores of Valleria Lake. It is mostly a getaway for people who want to relax and enjoy the view of the lake or to spend time with their loved ones with. However, you can travel to Grancel by boat from there.

Valleria Lakeshore is also a popular fishing destination and people can rent some fishing gear from the staff at the Kingfisher Inn. This spot is also known amongst fisherman and members of the Fisherman Guild, for being the home of the "Lord of the Lake," an extremely difficult to catch fish.

During the events of Trails in the Sky FC, Estelle and co. arrive to try to catch in the Capuas in the act and relax there until nighttime. At night, Josette and Kyle Capua used this place as a meeting spot with members of the Intelligence Division's Special Ops soldiers.


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