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Valleria Lakeshore is a popular tourist destination located on the shores of Valleria Lake in Liberl's Bose region. It is host to the Kingfisher Inn and is a major fishing spot, especially for the Fisherman's Guild members from Grancel.


Valleria Lakeshore is a famous tourist destination located on the shores of Valleria Lake. It is mostly a getaway for people who want to relax and enjoy the view of the lake or to spend time with their loved ones with. It is possible to travel to Grancel by boat from there.

The Valleria Lakeshore is a small and simple area for enthusiasts in fishing and for having a fun vacation with the family members. There is a place to stay at called "The Kingfisher Inn", owned by Leonard and there are quite a few docks for boats. The inn's dishes are mostly comprised of fish caught from the area.

Valleria Lakeshore is also a popular fishing destination and people can rent some fishing gear from the staff at the Kingfisher Inn. This spot is also known amongst fisherman and members of the Fisherman Guild, for being the home of the "Lord of the Lake," an extremely difficult fish to catch.

Trails in the Sky FC

Estelle, Joshua, Scherazard, and Olivier head for Valleria Lakeshore after receiving information about suspicious visitors coming to the lake at the night from an old lady, Cecilia, and her fishing enthusiast husband, Kuwano.

They visit lakeshore and talk to the owner, Leonard, to learn about the person who sighted the masked individuals. He points them to a fisher from Grancel, Lloyd. When they first speak with Lloyd, he is very focused on his fishing. Olivier startles the fisher, bringing him back to reality. They then question him about what he saw.

Lloyd says that he had seen two suspicious individuals two nights before; he had just returned from the inn after wrestling with the "Master of the Lake" (a giant salmon that swims in the depths) very late at night. He saw the odd couple head onto the grounds behind the inn towards the New Ansel Path, and notes he heard them say that they would meet again in two days.

Olivier then asked a few questions regarding all of the events about the missing airliner before he joined the group. The group explained their encounter with Josette in Rolent to him. The group decides to stay at the inn until nightfall to find the perpetrators. To kill the time, each party member decides to do something for fun: Joshua is reading his book, "The Hundred Days War", Estelle is fishing, and Schera and Olivier were busy drinking to their heart's content.

After Estelle finishes her fishing, she notices Joshua is gone and has left his book on the table he was sitting at. She leaves to look for him and finds him playing the song, "The Whereabouts of Light". Afterwards, the couple has dinner in the Kingfisher Inn with Olivier and Scherazard. It is then revealed that Schera put a lot of alcohol into both their drinks so Olivier will be knocked out and therefore won't get involved in their mission as a citizen.

Later, they sneak onto the balcony to watch the suspicious individuals meet. They then see that it was Josette and her brother Kyle there talking with masked men from the Intelligence Division about a ransom with Queen Alicia II for the hostages. While they are talking, the group makes a journey to find the airship the sky bandits use as a means of cutting off their only way of escaping.

When they make it there, they find Olivier fine and dandy due to putting a bucket of cold water over his head to cool away his drunken state. He then offers up an idea to sneak onto the ship to get a chance to find the Capua's hideout. They do just that and sneak on to get there, departing from the Lakeshore.

Notable characters

  • Leonard - owner of the Kingfisher Inn and cooks many types of fish. Has a niece from the Royal Jenis Academy. Brother of Sophina.
  • Lloyd - a professional fisherman who's a friend of Kuwano from Grancel's Fishing Guild.
  • Elke - A traveller who likes this inn and the Maple Leaf Inn in Zeiss.
  • Anette - A visitor of the inn every year on vacation with her mom, Elke, but leaves her father behind.
  • Sophina - The concierge of the inn. Leonard's sister.