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Van Arkride (ヴァン・アークライド) is a Spriggan at Arkride Solutions Office in Edith, Calvard, and the protagonist of Kuro no Kiseki.



Van is a young man with blue eyes and dark bluish-black hair styled into a spiky, swept-back style with a long fringe. He wears a long cobalt jacket with a fleece lined collar, two front pockets and leather patches on the shoulder. The jacket's sleeves are partly rolled up, revealing a single unique red band worn on the left wrist. Van also wears a red shirt under a grey vest with a shorten centered zipper. He wears black dark trousers, two belts and blue-grey loafers. Around his neck, Van wears a dog tag along a cord and leather strap. On his right ear, a small ear ring can be seen.

Van is armed with a Stun-Calibur[JP 1], a long-blunt weapon resembling a sword but with no sharp edges. The blade portion of the sword is partitioned into segments and there is a blue gem installed into its pommel.

Grendel Form

Van appears clad in a fit, flexible full-body armor that prominently dictates his thin, but defined musculature. Van has glowing waist-length hair falling from behind the armor's head covering helmet while possessing extended glowing 5 claws and toes per each respective limb. Van's Grendel form possesses a gray-bluish prominent armor with turquoise glowing energy lines. The glowing hair has a dominant turquoise gradient offsetting to a yellow-orange tip. The claws and toes are also turquoise colored.


While Van comes off as dry and pragmatic, he tries not to be insincere and is not bad at looking out for others. He has contact with people in various industries due to his work, and seems to have a wide range of personal connections, but also has a side that does not allow people to get too personal with him.[1]

Although he began working as a Spriggan almost by sheer coincidence, he seems comfortable with its way of life, and even though he complains when he has to deal with bad jobs, he still makes sure to handle it.[2]


Before becoming a Spriggan, he was taught "proper" martial arts by Bergard Zeman.

Kuro no Kiseki



  • Similar to Estelle Bright and Lloyd Bannings, Van Arkride uses a non-sharp weapon (Sword Breaker Combat Orbment) Stun-Calibur[JP 1] as his main weapon. This weapon is based on the Jian, a club used in China to break swords. However, unlike the other previous protagonists, he also has close-combat ability.
  • He transforms into the Nightmare-Clad Grendel. In this form, he conducts close-combat abilities. As Grendel, Van can attack twice in quick succession and combine different Crafts for special effects.


Japanese terms

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