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Hourly Request fee of 1,000 Mira, Strictly Pay it.
Decline others besides the client.
Sweets are once daily.
Take the request when it should.
Mornings are a comfortable shower, the sauna is a reward.

Company Motto ~ Five Tenets

Van Arkride (ヴァン・アークライド) is self-employed at Arkride Solutions Office as a Spriggan. He is the protagonist of Kuro no Kiseki.



Van is a young man with blue eyes and dark bluish-black hair styled into a spiky, swept-back style with a long fringe. He wears a long cobalt jacket with a fleece lined collar, two front pockets and leather patches on the shoulder. The jacket's sleeves are partly rolled up, revealing a single unique red band worn on the left wrist. Van also wears a red shirt under a grey vest with a shorten centered zipper. He wears black dark trousers, two belts and blue-grey loafers. Around his neck, Van wears a dog tag along a cord and leather strap. On his right ear, a small ear ring can be seen.

Van is armed with a Stun-Calibur[JP 1], a long-blunt weapon resembling a sword but with no sharp edges. The blade portion of the sword is partitioned into segments and there is a blue gem installed into its pommel.


While Van comes off as dry and pragmatic, he tries not to be insincere and is not bad at looking out for others. He has contact with people in various industries and backgrounds due to his work, both those who work in the light and the 'underworld'. This extends to having a wide range of personal connections, but also a side that does not allow people to get too attached to him.[1]

Although he began working as a Spriggan almost by sheer coincidence, he seems comfortable with its way of life, and even though he complains when he has to deal with bad jobs, he still makes sure to handle it.[2] Van is also reluctant to take on new co-workers, expressing anxiety over costs and the threat to his lifestyle. Van maintains a strong code of ethics, refusing to take jobs from those he deems too corrupt or acting in bad faith, and willing to compromise for those in sincere need.

Van is an avid connoisseur of all things relating to sweets and few can match his expertise and passion. Another great passion of his lies in the world of cars, where Van enthusiastically makes modifications and upgrades to his own vehicle, preferring the Ingert brand. He is also very fond of baths.


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Van Arkride was an orphan who lived in an orphanage of Oracion, Calvard. He became childhood friends with heiress Elaine Auclair and scholar Rene Kincaid. Lacking any record of family, Van took on the surname 'Arkride' from the then administrator of the orphanage who originally held the name. At 7 years old, he was adopted following pressure and interference from Edmon Auclair, Elaine's father, who disapproved of the boy and his relationship with his daughter. Although Edmon claims ignorance, the adopters were members of the D∴G cult and Van was subjected to various painful, traumatizing, but mostly non-lethal experiments. It was during these experiments that the cult realized Van possesed a certain 'demonic factor' that had resided within him from birth and had it extracted from him by unknown means. When Gerard Dantes learned of this, he used his position to have the demonic core taken into his possession.

Following these events, the simultaneous raids on the cult by an international group headed by Cassius Bright and Ouroboros resulted in the all-but-downfall of the cult and Van's escape. Gunther Barkhorn is suggested as being personally involved with Van's emancipation. At 14 years old, Van had the chance to be free and transferred to the Aramis High School in Edith, reuniting with his two childhood friends. He was a member of the student council, and was the obvious pick for the new vice-president when the incumbent, Elaine was elected the president in the autumn of his 2nd school year. Following her election, Van dropped out from Aramis unexpectedly, leaving nothing but sparse notes for his childhood friends.

Before becoming a Spriggan, Van was found wandering aimlessly by Barkhorn. Barkhorn instructed him in the Kunlun style of martial arts around S.1203. He later heard of Barkhorn's death at the Nord Highlands, but Van did not seek out his fellow disciples because of his hidden status.

After his training, Van returned to the capital and established his Spriggan business. He relied heaviuly on Dingo Brad during his early days and viewed the man as an 'elder brother' type mentor. Due to his reliable side and humanity towards his clients, the young Spriggan has amassed a large network of contacts from Calvard's intelligence sector and underworld to secret or renown groups beyond borders such as Ouroboros' Enforcers and Bracers.

At some point in the past, Van met Nadia Rayne and Swin Abel back when they were both still on the run from Garden and helped them both out by giving them a ride. At another undetermined point in time, Van undertook training with M.T.S.C. This involved sparring with Kasim Al-Fayed. He also serves as an external tester for Marduk's Combat Research Department through his weapon Stun Calibur and Core, Mare. Risette Twinings has acted as his service concierge for this time period, and he is repsonsible for sending her his reports on the equipment tests. They never met in person during this time, and always communicated remotely, depsite having mutual acquantainces.

In S.1203, Van, who was in-training at the time, met a young Renne and befriended her after her encounter with the Recluse Cube. His simple kindness gave the young girl hope for herself, which later arrived in full circle during her initial days as a transfer student in Edith (Van was the private investigator mentioned in Trails into Reverie).

In S.1206, Van met Walter Kron the Direwolf, his client at the time. An encounter with a Panzer Soldat along the road resulted in Walter single-handedly throwing Van's first car and completely totalling it. While the result was a combative success, Van lamented about his destroyed car even when given reimbursement. Van still holds a grudge to the present day and has only recently upgraded his new car to the standard his previous vehicle was at.

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Kuro no Kiseki

Van lives in his office, above the Monmarte bistro in Edith, Calvard. He has been working alone from his Arkride Solutions Office for several years. On August 27th, S.1208, he is requested by first year Aramis High School student, Agnes Claudel, to find her great-grandfather's lost memento, the Oct-Genesis. Van accepts this request which turns out to be connected to a series of mysterious events involving Van gaining the ability to transform into the Grendel form and his Hollow Core, Mare, gaining sentience. In the subsequent hunt for the remaining units, Van reluctantly accepts Agnés as an employee.

Van's reputation sees him being increasingly sought after by influential figures around the Republic in cases involving the looming threat of the Almata mafia, who seem to have a connection to the Genesis devices. Van's travels around the country land him in increasingly dangerous predicaments and mysterius circumstances concerning the abilities these old objects have. As they gradually foil Almata's efforts across Calvard, they slowly acquire most of the genesis orbments and Van gains more and more employees — which are forced upon him, much to his chagrin. Additionally, Van finds himself accepting the aid of, and in turn aiding, his former childhood friends Elaine and Rene on numerous occasions. It is clear unspoken feelings remain with Elaine and Van, and the teasing of their relationship is commonplace throughout the story.

Van's bond grows with his companions and they play a critical role in helping to save him when Van's history is revealed. His connection to the don of Almata turns out to be the focal point of the events that have plagued Calvard, and much of their plan was to locate and identify Van for their scheme. After Melchior manifests the Genesis Tower, beginning Pandemonium and stopping the flow of time, Van discovers he and everyone he has talked to can still move. They act quickly to secure the capital before time runs out and the effect spreads to the rest of the continent. Within the tower, Van confronts and defeats the revived Almata members before facing up to Gerard at the zenith. Gerard reveals he took Van's diabolic core and intends to use it to become the ultimate embodiment of fear, seeing Van as nothing more than a husk and remnant of the power. Van overcomes him and takes the core back, transforming into Vagrants-Zion, one of the Seventy-Seven Devils and in control of time, in the process and leaving the world.

Refusing the accept such an ending, Agnes rallies the rest of the party and they travel to the Infinite Boundary via Mare. They encounter a fettered Vagrants-Zion and enagge in combat, restoring Van's resolve and bringing him back. Together they vanquish the devil, which accepts the result for a time and withdraws, warning Van that it is a temporary measure. Van casts the diabolic core into the ether, which is followed by a large crack forming. They return to reality and Van spends the new year with his childhood friends after dropping Agnes back to her father's home.



Kuro no Kiseki

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired

Initial gear
[物理攻撃+59 魔法攻撃+10]

[物理攻撃+45 魔法攻撃+8]

[物理攻撃+52 魔法攻撃+8]

1750 Purchase
[物理攻撃+59 魔法攻撃+10]

[物理攻撃+72 魔法攻撃+12]

[物理攻撃+80 魔法攻撃+14]

[物理攻撃+106 魔法攻撃+18]

[物理攻撃+130 魔法攻撃+22]

[物理攻撃+155 魔法攻撃+27]

[物理攻撃+179 魔法攻撃+32]

[物理攻撃+204 魔法攻撃+37]

[物理攻撃+230 魔法攻撃+42]

[物理攻撃+257 魔法攻撃+47]

[物理攻撃+283 魔法攻撃+52]

[物理攻撃+310 魔法攻撃+57]

[物理攻撃+335 魔法攻撃+63]

[物理攻撃+362 魔法攻撃+67]

Black Zemurian Ore x1 Upgrade
[物理攻撃+412 魔法攻撃+77]


Kuro no Kiseki

Name Power Range Cost Acquire

30 CP Initial
威力:C / 範囲:扇M

30 CP Level 29
威力:C+ / 範囲:扇M

50 CP Level 8
威力:B/ 範囲:円M

50 CP Level 54
威力:B+ / 範囲:円M

20 CP Initial
威力:D+ / 範囲:扇直線

70 CP Level 41
威力:A+ / 範囲:直線M

40 CP Level 18
補助 / 範囲:自分

200 CP
補助 / 範囲:自分

100 CP Prologue
威力:S+ / 範囲:円LL
Name Power Range Cost Acquire

0 CP Initial
威力:C / 範囲:単体

10 CP Initial
威力:C+ / 範囲:単体

20 CP Initial
威力:B / 範囲:扇S

30 CP Chapter 3 (10/7)
威力:A / 範囲:円M

50 CP Chapter 5 (11/22)
威力:S / 範囲:単体・直線

100 EP Chapter 2 (9/21)
威力:B+ / 範囲:扇L

160 EP Chapter 4 (10/24)
A+ / 範囲:直線M

100 CP Chapter 2 (9/21)
威力:SS / 範囲:円LL


Kuro no Kiseki

Kuro no Kiseki II: Crimson Sin


  • Similar to Estelle Bright and Lloyd Bannings, Van Arkride uses a non-sharp weapon (Sword Breaker Combat Orbment) Stun-Calibur[JP 1] as his main weapon. The weapon consists of a "Blade" Main Module and its "Trigger Handle" Sub Module. This weapon is based on the Jian, a narrow bludgeon used in China to break swords. However, unlike the other previous protagonists, he also has close-combat ability.
  • He transforms into the Nightmare-Clad Grendel. In this form, he conducts close-combat abilities. As Grendel, Van can attack twice in quick succession and combine different Crafts for special effects.
  • Van looks surprisingly similar to Ellroy Harwood, both having black hair with a blue streak.
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  • Van is the first protagonist to officially kill someone.
  • Van is the final boss of Kuro no Kiseki, despite being its protagonist.
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Japanese terms

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