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“Arise, o youth, and become the foundation of the world... Haha. That's all I have to say.”
— Vandyck, Trails of Cold Steel

Vandyck (ヴァンダイク) is the former principal of Thors Military Academy and a honorary General of the Imperial Army of Erebonia.



Vandyck is a very well built elderly man with brown eyes and stark white hair and facial hair. Even in his advanced age, his muscles can be seen filling the form of his uniforms out.

As a principal, Vandyck wears a black suit with golden tassels on the shoulders. the suit itself is trimmed with silver and golden patterns and he wears a red tie cord around his neck inlaid with a turquoise gem. In the military, Vandyck wears a general's version of the Erebonian army uniform, trimmed with gold and accompanied with the same golden tassels and a cape.

Vandyck carries an enormous glaive into battle, which stands taller on the ground than even himself.


Principal Vandyck is shown to an elderly gentleman of great physical build, who displays much wisdom for the younger generation to follow through. As a former Imperial general, his present role as Thors' Headmaster portrays him as a role model to guide the promising young generation, inspired by the wealth of his past military experiences. Being dedicated, humble, forthcoming, and observant, Vandyck provides the sage counsel to his colleagues, instructors, and students, while maintaining a hint of sarcasm at times. At other times, apart from his friendliness, he shows his serious side when occurrences that would endanger the lives of innocent civilians and his students take place. He will not hold back in the battlefield when needed.

He is an extremely dutiful general, carrying out orders in spite of any personal feelings, acting as a beacon of loyalty to his country: for example, he resumes the position as the head of the army upon Giliath Osborne's request.


Vandyck was born in S.1134. He originally served the Imperial Army of Erebonia, where he ultimately held the rank of supreme commander and title of General. He was feared by his enemies, who could sense his presence and their doom from selges away.

In S.1194, after the Hundred Days War, General Vandyck retired from active duty at the age of 60. He requested Brigadier General Giliath Osborne to succeed him, but he declined the offer in favour of Emperor Eugent Reise Arnor III's plea for Osborne to become the new Chancellor.

Despite having retired at the time, Vandyck was still powerful enough to be considered one of Erebonia's strongest men, alongside Matteus Vander, Victor S. Arseid and Wallace Bardias.

After retiring from the Imperial Army, Vandyck began teaching at Thors Military Academy and eventually became the academy's principal. Even as a principal, however, Vandyck had no direct control over the running of the academy.

In the spring of S.1203, Principal Vandyck offered former bracer Sara Valestein a job as an instructor. He also hand-picked the other staff members. Vandyck gave his former student, Olivert Reise Arnor, full backing to establish the experimental Class VII in S.1204.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II[]

He asks the Class VII to explore the changing interior of the Old Schoolhouse of the Thors Military Academy. Prior to the start of school year S.1204-1205, Vandyck had never witnessed nor heard that the interior of the building changes.

Since the building was erected by Emperor Dreichels Reise Arnor in S.985, strict orders regarding the building have been passed down from principal to principal ever since. He proclaimed that the old schoolhouse was to be preserved as is until the 'Promised Day' arrives, which appears to be related to the reunion of Rean Schwarzer's Awakening of the Divine Knight Valimar.

He moves to defend the academy during the onset of the October War, disabling a Panzer Soldat unit in one swing.

During the Erebonian Civil War, Principal Vandyck was locked up in the academy under protection of the Order of the Lion, led by Patrick T. Hyarms.

With the intensifying militarisation of the academy after the civil war, Vandyck was replaced as principal, returning to the military.

Trails of Cold Steel IV[]

Vandyck returned to the military in part due to Chancellor Osborne's orders, requesting that he serve as the commander of Operation Jormungandr. Though he knew of the Great Twilight and the Erebonian Curse, he was obliged as a soldier to fulfill his duties. He first appeared alongside Governor General Rufus Albarea at St. Ursula Medical College for a secret visit to Eugent Reise Arnor III, who was being treated at the hospital.

After seeing off Rufus, Vandyck appeared to be aware of Class VII's presence and returned to the hospital to speak with them, informing them that he did not know where Rean was and pretended to be unaware of Eugent's presence in the hospital. He was impressed by new Class VII's resolve to rescue Rean and gave them words of encouragement before he left.

Vandyck later signed a ceasefire with Mille Mirage commander Cassius Bright a day after the Great War started.

Trails into Reverie[]

Vandyck is teleported onto the Arseille II as part of a line up of Erebonia's greatest warriors. After having their weapons enchanted by Vita Clotilde and Roselia, Vandyck and the others are capable of repulsing the concentrated blast from the Retributive Tower's main armament- a weapon strong enough to eradicate Juno Naval Fortress in a single blast.

Character Notes[]

Trails of Cold Steel[]

Principal Vandyck
Vandyck Note (Sen)
Thors Military Academy's principal. Used to be a general in the Imperial Army, and still retains an aura of dignity.
He's enjoyed calligraphy for almost ten years, taking an interest after leaving the army. Uses a fine Eastern ink brush.

Vandyck Note (Sen)

Trails of Cold Steel II[]

Principal Vandyck
Vandyck Note (Sen)
Thors Military Academy's principal and an honorary General of the Army. Retains an aura of dignity suited to his age.
Saddening Loss
While he mourns the loss of his old friend Otto, he wishes the students of the academy luck in their operation.
He and Instructor Beatrix crashed the battles between Class VII and the upper class students and showed great power.

Vandyck Note (Sen)



Name Description
Craft (Sen Skill) Qilingong
Charges himself up before an eruption of his aura is seen. Effect: STR Up and SPD Up for three turns.
Craft (Sen Skill) Xuanwugong
Charges himself up before an eruption of his aura is seen. Effect: DEF Up and recovery of HP.
Craft (Sen Skill) Mighty Swing
Charges up his weapon in a flaming sword blade, as he positions to swing it across the entire field, striking all those spread out and dealing massive damage.
Craft (Sen Skill) Scorching Swing
Charges up his flaming sword blade as he positions to swing it across the entire field, striking all those spread out. Effect: Inflicts faint.
Craft (Sen Skill) Heavy Swing
Charges up his flaming sword blade as he positions to swing it across the entire field, striking all those spread out. Damage is big on contact. Effect: Causes DEF Down and SPD Down.


Trails of Cold Steel I and II[]

Trails of Cold Steel IV[]


  • Vandyck is a highly skilled equestrian.
  • Vandyck enjoys Eastern calligraphy, as urged to him by an old friend around S.1194, whom he was constantly sparring with to improve their skills. It is believed this was Yun Ka-fai.