“Arise, o youth, and become the foundation of the world... Haha. That's all I have to say.”
— Vandyck, Trails of Cold Steel
Vandyck (ヴァンダイク) is the former principal of Thors Military Academy and a honorary General of the Imperial Army of Erebonia.


Vandyck was born in S.1134

Imperial Army

Vandyck originally served the Imperial Army of Erebonia, where he ultimately held the rank of supreme commander and title of General. It is said his presence was so powerful that his enemies could feel their doom approaching from selge away.

In S.1194, after the Hundred Days War, General Vandyck retired from active duty at the age of 60. He requested Brigadier General Giliath Osborne to succeed him, but he declined the offer in favour of Emperor Eugent Reise Arnor III's plea for Osborne to become the new Chancellor.

Thors Military Academy

After retiring from the Imperial Army, Vandyck began teaching at Thors Military Academy and eventually became the academy's principal. Even as a principal, however, Vandyck had no direct control over the running of the academy.

In the spring of S.1203, Principal Vandyck offered former bracer Sara Valestein a job as an instructor. He also hand-picked the other staff members. Vandyck gave his former student, Olivert Reise Arnor, full backing to establish the experimental Class VII in S.1204.

Old schoolhouse

He asks the Class VII to explore the changing interior of the Old Schoolhouse of the Thors Military Academy. Prior to the start of school year S.1204-1205, Vandyck had never witnessed nor heard that the interior of the building changes.

Since the building was erected by Emperor Dreichels Reise Arnor in S.985, strict orders regarding the building have been passed down from principal to principal ever since. He proclaimed that the old schoolhouse was to be preserved as is until the 'Promised Day' arrives, which appears to be related to the reunion of Rean Schwarzer's Awakening of the Divine Knight Valimar.

Erebonian Civil War

During the Erebonian Civil War, Principal Vandyck was locked up in the academy under protection of the Order of the Lion, led by Patrick T. Hyarms.

With the intensifying militarisation of the academy after the civil war, Principal Vandyck was replaced alongside the other staff members.


Craft (Sen Skill) 剛焦斬

Scorching Swing

Craft (Sen Skill) 剛重斬

Heavy Swing

Craft (Sen Skill) 剛滅斬

Mighty Swing

Craft (Sen Skill) 麒麟功


Craft (Sen Skill) 玄武功




  • Vandyck is a highly skilled equestrian.
  • Vandyck enjoys Eastern calligraphy, as urged to him by an old friend around S.1194, whom he was constantly sparring with to improve their skills. It is believed this was Yun Ka-fai.

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