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Varenne Lighthouse (バレンヌ灯台) is a lighthouse located near Ruan on the coastline of Azelia Bay.


Varenne Lighthouse is a lighthouse located on Azelia Bay. It is one of Ruan's most iconic landmarks and is used to provide guidance to ships on the water. It is run by Vogt, the lighthouse keeper.

Trails in the Sky FC and SC

In S.1202, the lighthouse was made a target for the Special Ops Forces under Captain Lorence Belgar. The group had knocked out Vogt and then sequestered it in order to have a private meeting with Gilbert Stein. During the meeting, both groups were interrupted by the arrival of Estelle Bright, Joshua Bright, Kloe Rinz and Agate Crosner. After exchanging some words, the two groups fought and the Special Ops soldiers were soundly defeated. Sensing their defeat, the soldiers shot Gilbert Stein in the leg and used both him and Vogt as a hostages until they could get away by climbing down the rope ladder on the roof.

Estelle later returns to the lighthouse and clears it of monsters once again.