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Verne Company (ヴェルヌ社) is a massive company headquartered in Calvard.


Like its industrial rival, the Reinford Company, the Verne Company was a storied arms manufacturer that expanded into orbal research and development after the Orbal Revolution. Internationally, they are particularly known for their innovative approaches to the development of orbal vehicles such as orbal cars and buses.

In July S.1206, the Republic Army of Calvard's special force Hercules infiltrates Heimdallr. They carry Verne-made weaponry and RAMDA, the tactical orbment featuring cutting-edge technology. One of the weapons they dropped was picked up by Ash Carbide, which he used for the attempted assassination of Emperor Eugent Reise Arnor III. The weapon was found and the imperial government interpreted the attack as a declaration of war, leading them to respond with Operation Jormungand.

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