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The Verte Bridge (ヴェルテ(はし)) is a drawbridge that serves as a guarded checkpoint between the regions Bose and Rolent in Liberl. The bridge connects the East Bose Highway in Bose to the Milch Main Road in Rolent. It serves as one of the Royal Army's stations on the lookout for suspicious travellers . As such, many of the NPCs in the area are people from the Royal Army.


The Verte Bridge is situated 172 selge west of the City of Rolent and 420 selge east of the City of Bose. On the Rolent side, it stretches all the way to the west from the City of Rolent along the Milch Main Road. On the Bose side, it is to the east. There is a huge wall on the checkpoint to watch for any intruders or enemies coming through the area. The Rolent side holds the rooms for the employees and the sergeant. The Bose side holds an orbment charging station for weary travellers. Both regions points are connected by a bridge over a river.

In Trails in the Sky SC, a fishing spot is added to the Verte Bridge.

Trails in the Sky FC

After the Linde goes missing, Estelle, Joshua, and Scherazard leave for Bose to investigate. As such, they have to go through the checkpoint to reach Bose. There they get a gate pass from Sergeant Ashton to gain access to Bose but lose access to Rolent temporarily.