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The Verte Bridge (ヴェルテ(はし)) is a bridge that serves as the Royal Army's guarded checkpoint between the regions of Bose and Rolent in Liberl.


Verte Bridge

Trails in the Sky FC


The Verte Bridge is situated 172 selge west of the City of Rolent and 420 selge east of the City of Bose. Walls and chains on both sides of the checkpoint serve as a watchpoint and barrier to any intruders or enemies coming through the area. The Rolent side holds rooms for the guards and the commanding officer. The Bose side holds an orbment charging station for weary travellers. Both regions points are connected by a bridge over a river.

Estelle and Joshua can accept a request for a training battle with the guards on the side of Rolent. Regardless of the outcome, the performance of the soldiers leaves much to be desired and they're told as much by Estelle and their commanding officer Ashton.

After the Linde goes missing, Estelle, Joshua, and Scherazard leave for Bose to investigate. As waiting for the airship service to resume is out of the question, they have to go through the checkpoint to reach Bose. There they get a gate pass from CWO Ashton to gain access to Bose but lose access to Rolent afterwards.



Trails in the Sky SC


The checkpoint closes after Rolent is enveloped in a mysterious fog and coma cases start being reported, as CWO Ashton (who is also the father of Luke, one of the victims) and reinforcements from Haken Gate are sent to Rolent to secure the area. Once Estelle and her group are able to solve the case and lift the fog, the checkpoint's operation returns to normal.

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During the country-wide Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon, the checkpoint's gates are forced to remain continuously open, and the orbment charging station stops functioning. Despite security being increased, Estelle and the other bracers are granted a special exception that allows them to cross the bridge freely.

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Location Fish Bait
Fishing Spot - Verte Bridge (SC).webp
Verte Bridge
Carp Earthworm (25.9%), Dumplings (36.4%), River Snail (57.1%), Crab (50%)
Liberl Carp River Bug (14.3%), Dumplings (63.6%), Red Flies (22.2%)
Rainbow Trout Earthworm (22.2%), River Bug (21.4%), Roe (24.1%)
Rockeater Earthworm (14.8%), River Bug (17.9%), Roe (13.8%), River Snail (42.9%), Frog (100%), Yamany (100%), Dace (100%), Crab (50%)
Tiger Rockfish Earthworm (14.8%), River Bug (21.4%), Roe (20.7%), Red Flies (27.8%)
Trout Earthworm (22.2%), Roe (13.8%), Red Flies (16.7%), Shrimplet (100%)
Yamany River Bug (25%), Roe (27.6%), Red Flies (33.3%)