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Vincent Florald (ヴィンセント・フロラルド) is the eldest son of Count Florald and an alumnus of Thors Military Academy's Class I ('03-'05).



Vincent is a tall young man with wavy medium-length violet hair and amber eyes. As a student of Thors, Vincent wore the Nobles' uniform consisting of a white and gold blazer, lavender shirt, purple tie and white trousers.

After Graduation, Vincent dresses in a flamboyant white frilled shirt with ruffles on all hems, and a gold and green coat, with a yellow cravat, pale green pants and white stockings worn over them with purple pumps.


Vincent is considered a typical narcissistic young nobleman. He is always accompanied by his maid, Sariffa, who devoted her life to protecting and guiding her young master. He is very focused on romance and finding an attractive wife- finding ugliness distasteful, but later developments suggest he is willing to look past appearance on the surface. he is very loyal to his family and supports their endeavours.

He loves theatrics, but is not very talented at them, often failing in some minor way which ruins the effect or by putting everyone to sleep.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

First-born of Count Florald, Vincent enrolled at Thors Military Academy at the age of 17 in S.1203. His younger sister Ferris enrolled at the same academy the following year. The Florald maid, Sariffa is almost always accompanying him and getting him out of trouble.

Vincent is part of a subplot involving a romance with Margarita Dresden. At first, he receives her love letter,s thinking he is to fall in love with a fair maiden and is enamoured, but once he learns the identity of the sender, tries his best to decline and states his disinterest with less success each time.

During the October War, Vincent remains at the academy. He joins the Order of the Lion to help repulse the returning Students arriving to liberate the Academy from the clutches of the Noble Alliance. After their defeat, it is clear their resolve lies in helping their classmates, and he joins the united Thors effort to free the capital.

After graduating, he returns home to support the Florald family, managing the family's lands and liaising with others in his year group.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Vincent takes over his sister's Riviera Court business when Ferris mysteriously vanishes after the Great Twilight. he keeps the business running, even when the army requisition his stock. He acts as a support for Class VII, coming to their aid as part of the alumni network and pretending they are his customers to stop them from getting unwanted attention. Rean and the party later help him find the business permit, allowing him to keep operating. He and Margarita come to their aid in the Ordis Waterways.

He seems to have resigned himself to Margarita and thinks it will be some time before he can fully appreciate her charm, despite her appearance. In the overture in Mishelam Wonderland, he has an internal conflict over this.

Trails into Reverie

Vincent attends both the alumni reunion held by Angelica Rogner and the martial arts tournament where he joins Patrick T. Hyarms's team, but loses in the first round.

He is part of the information gathering network in Heimdallr that helps Rean's party out when searching for suspicious military activities and clandestine meetings. He works with his sister Ferris, but also margarita, whom he is learning to appreciate, after seeing how happy gorging on food makes her.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Vincent Florald
Vincent Florald Note (Sen).png Year 2 Class I (Unaffiliated)
The eldest son of Count Florald. A typical narcissistic young nobleman who's always accompanied by Sariffa the maid.
Poor Actor
He performed in a play during last year's academy festival, but when his part came, everyone fell asleep.

Vincent Florald Note (Sen).png 2年 I組 【無所属】

Trails of Cold Steel II

Vincent Florald
Vincent Florald Note (Sen).png Year 2 Class I (Unaffiliated)
The eldest son of Count Florald. Typical narcissistic young nobleman. Always accompanied by Sariffa the maid.
So Close, Yet So Far
He almost managed to say something cool for once, but ended up mispronouncing a key word, making it all for nothing.
Noble Duty
Returning home to support the Florald family, managing the family's lands and liaising with others in his year group.

Vincent Florald Note (Sen).png 2年 I組 【無所属】

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Vincent Florald
Vincent Florald Note (Sen IV).png
House Florald
Count Florald's heir and Ferris' elder brother. He joined the Noble Faction, where he negotiated deals with the government.
Took over Riviera Court for his sister, and even when the army took his stock, he managed to keep the business afloat.
Love is Blind
Vincent's having trouble seeing farther than skin-deep. It may be a while before he can learn to appreciate Margarita.

Vincent Florald Note (Sen IV).png

Trails into Reverie

Vincent Florald Note (Sen IV).png


Trails of Cold Steel IV