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Viola (ヴィオーラ) is an Almata member introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Viola is a woman with long lavender hair which reaches below her waist and hangs over her right eye. She wears a violet blouse with an open bust, black underbust corset and flared sleeves. There is a zigzag black edge to her blouse. Viola wears a long purple skirt which is open at the front and has two rings of black fur near the bottom. She wears short purple shorts and blue thigh high stockings beneath with black boots with white fur lining. Viola wears two black sword shaped earrings, a metal band with a black ribbon tied around her arm and a necklace with several blue teeth shaped gemstones.

She uses a purple Needlegun in combat. It has a cylindrical barrel.


Viola is an abnormal sadist and uses a weapon called Needlegun that shoots several dozens of small needles at its target, shredding them apart.

She devotes herself to the boss' cause of moving everything with 'fear,' but also sees Melchior as a rival due to him rising in the ranks, becoming the boss' right-hand man, despite his status as a newcomer.[1]


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Viola was born in a small noble family in the Kadath region in the Middle East. Her family fell after Kadath was annexed into the coastal city-state Valis and Viola herself was sold to a wealthy merchant. Later, Viola fell into the hands of the criminal organization that attacked the merchant and she became its boss' plaything. At one point, she overthrew the boss, seized the organization and becomes known as a merciless and brutal leader. Two years later, Viola and her organization ventured into Calvard where they ran into Almata. Its leader, Gerard Dantes, completely destroyed her organization after which she pledged absolute loyalty to him.[2]

Her Needlegun appears to be made by Zect Arms but is not part of their official line-up.[2]

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Kuro no Kiseki

Viola is one of the three executives of Almata.




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