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Vita Clotilde (ヴィータ・クロチルダ), also known as the Azure Diva ((あお)歌姫(うたひめ)) is first introduced as a renowned opera diva as well as secretly, Misty, a popular radio personality who broadcasts her own radio show, the Abend Time on Radio Trista.



Vita is a young woman with long sandstone colored hair and violet color eyes. Throughout her appearances she adopts a number of different attires:

As The Azure Diva: A long flamboyant dress of blue and turquoise blended colors with white edge cuff-lines, half pull-up sleeves up to beneath the lower shoulder and wrist, and a collar cloth. She also wears braids around her left exposed leg, dark-brown string tie shoes, a thin jewel-line necklace, and blossom bud ornament on the right side of her head.

Misty Attire: A small dark turquoise jacket over a striped collar shirt, capri pants with a little green string of beads tied around the waist, a flat cap hat, dark brown shoes, small red glasses and wearing a tiny string necklace with an emerald colored stone.

Post CS2: A white and blue narrow profile dress that is split up the calf with black and gold edges, black and white lace trimmings and exposed shoulders. Black opera gloves and thigh-high stockings with similar black lace trims are also present, as well as gold bracelets, rings and chain belts adorned with blue crystals. She also wears gold platform shoes.

Vita initially uses the staff of the Elder, which turns into a an azure, green shade in her possession. The staff is a stylised version of the Cadaceus, with a prominent crystal surrounded by two spiked crystal protrusions. After returning the staff, Vita uses an ornate lace blue and black fan covered in swirling patterns. She created the fan out of Grianos' feathers.


Initially, Vita puts on the air of a very friendly celebrity who is enjoyable to be around with. In her Misty persona, she tends to act like a cheery yet spunky young woman who is not afraid to say what is on her mind and tends to over-exaggerate stuff, especially on the radio.

However, in her true role as an Anguis, Vita maintains a very cold persona and acts like a selfish diva at times. Her voice also changes to create a booming effect and she has a mysterious air around her at times. She also has a sadistic teasing side to her whenever she mocks her opponents, but she is very serious when it comes to work with Ouroboros and her duty as a witch and can be quite violent and scary if one is not careful. Vita can also be rather meticulous when it comes to planning out her next steps.

However, despite the act she puts on, Vita does have a kind and compassionate side to her personality which she keeps hidden. This kind side shows itself whenever it comes to individuals like Emma and Crow who she considers important people in her life. Despite initially acting harsh towards Emma, she in fact does it to help Emma who is like a younger sister to her develop as a witch. She also appeared to care a lot for Crow and was even saddened and heart-broken by his death.

Early Childhood

Vita Clotilde was born into the Hexen Clan. She grew up acting as an older sister to Emma Millstein and befriended Celine and her familiar Grianos. During her time as a Hexen clan witch, she became known as the Witch of the Abyss (深淵(しんえん)魔女(まじょ)). Apprenticed to Roselia, she was lauded as of exceptional talent. Vita also received tutelage from Isola Millstein, Emma's mother. At one point in time, Isola would ask Vita what she knew of the witches' counterparts, the gnomes, to which Vita at the time knew very little. It was Isola who convinced Vita to leave the village and explore the world.

In S.1197 at the age of 17, Vita vanished from the Hexen Clan and presumably joined Ouroboros soon after where she too on the position of Second Anguis under the alias of the Azure Abyss ((あお)深淵(しんえん)). After becoming an angius, Vita claimed her newly gained knowledge of just how vast the worold was shocked her and she began to study ever more fervently. After she absconded from the village , Roselia refused to call her her apprentice and selected a new apprentice- Emma.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Vita makes an unnamed appearance onboard the Lusitania during the masquerade. She encounters uncover Kevin Graham who rejects her flirty approaches.

Vita is also present in the Celestial Globe at the end of the Gospel Plan and the commencement of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan. She comments upon the loss of Leonhardt and declares her herself ready and fully willing to carry out the next stage in the Orpheus Final Plan in accordance with the Grandmaster's wishes.

Trails of Cold Steel

Vita was later assigned to the Phantasmal Blaze Plan where she met a young Crow Armbrust. As a member of the Hexen Clan, Vita was responsible to guide the Awakener for Ordine, the Azure Knight. Sensing his potential to become an Awakener, she decided to help Crow with his revenge against Giliath Osborne by helping him retrieve the Divine Knight Ordine. After this, Vita joined the Erebonian Opera House in Heimdallr and became a famous Diva while biding her time for the plan's commencement.

Later on, Vita also took up a post as the radio presenter for Abend Time under the alias Misty (ミスティ) to additionally keep tabs on Rean Schwarzer and Ashen Knight Valimar. After the assassination of Giliath Osborne, Vita reveals her true identity to the entirety of Thors Military Academy announcing the start of the Civil War before disappearing with the rest of the Noble Alliance.

Trails of Cold Steel II

In S.1204, Vita sided with the Noble Alliance for the duration of the war. When Rean's location became apparent, Vita led a attack on Ymir and took Princess Alfin Reise Arnor and Elise Schwarzer hostage. She then challenged Rean to get stronger before leaving with them. She then had many confrontations with Rean and Class VII, motivating them to get stronger for the completion of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan.

Once it became apparent that the Noble Alliance was losing the war, Vita began the ritual and summoned the Infernal Castle. She then invited Class VII to join the ritual in order to get Crow and Rean to fight in their Divine Knights. After the fighting was over, Vita became shocked to see the awakening of the Testa-Rossa and helped Crow to defeat it. However, she became saddened by Crow's Death and further angered by the revelation of Giliath Osborne's survival and his declaration of his plan to take-over the Phantasmal Blaze Plan. Her familiar, a bird named Grianos, was also killed by Rufus Albarea during this period. Faced with a overwhelming disadvantage, Vita retreated.

Entrusting Crow's remains to Rean and company, Clotilde disappeared from the scene and cut off all contact with the Society under any circumstance. By the Civil War's end, she wanders silently through a self-investigation to discover Osborne's true identity and the Black Workshop's current state while ducking pursuit from the Imperial Intelligence Agency and Railway Military Police. At an unspecified point, vita returned her staff to the elder, taking up usage of a fan created from Grianos' tail feathers.

Trails of Cold Steel III

In S.1205, Vita regrouped with Ouroboros to decide what to do about Giliath and his take-over. When it was proposed that they help Giliath and the Gnomes in their Great Twilight Plan, Vita was the only one who voted "No." However, Vita ended up being betrayed when the other Anguis voted in favor of supporting the Great Twilight Plan since it went along with their original plans and they could acquire the Sept-Terrion of Steel as well. Vita though was disgusted by this (as Gnomes and Witches were enemies) and decided to conduct an investigation of her own into the true nature of The Black Workshop and Giliath Osborne, while avoiding the Railway Military Police and the Erebonian Army.

She would make appearances in Crossbell and Heimdallr before finally revealing herself to the party in Heimdallr Cathedral. Upon Rose and Thomas Lysander's briefing, she teleported in to reveal what she knew about the society's plans going forward and what she knew. When the Gral of Erebos was summoned, it was accompanied by large numbers of cryptids, magic knights and loas manifesting all over the capital. Vita borrowed the elder's staff once again and used her magic to create a barrier around St. Astraia Girls' School where she would stay and protect several important figures. Upon the advent of the Great Twilight, Vita teleports out to join the Weissland Army, leaving the defence of the others to Patrick T. Hyarms.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

It is revealed that at some point before her reappearance, Musse Egret had approached Vita with her plans for opposing the chancellor and her ambitions going forward. Vita was impressed at the young girl's foresight and predictive abilities, joining the Weissland army. Vita had taught Musse a little magic including charm spells as well as providing her with another one of Grianos' tail feathers which would allow her to teleport out. Vita's assistance would be invaluable to the Weissland army, helping her to cloak their flagship, the Pantagruel and provide remote magical assistance. She would also enlist the services of fellow Ouroboros member, Bleublanc, the Phantom Thief.

Vita made several appearances in the coming conflicts leading up to Operation Jormungandr, including coming to to the aid of the new Class VII when surrounded by Thors Military Academy and Cedric Reise Arnor at the Osgiliath Basin, in addition to the clash onboard the Pantagruel when the Glorious attacked the meeting of nations preparing operation: Mille Mirage. Arriving from the newly unveiled Courageous II, Vita used her powerful arts to subdue Gilbert Stein.

Another one of Vita' objectives was the reproduction of her lost familar Grianos. Celine claims Vita was searching for all of his lost power to achieve this, and although the main body disappeared back at the Infernal Castle, she collected the remaining energy to make her fan. Vita does succeed in recreating a 'ghost form' of her familiar.

When Gilbert attacked Eryn, Vita Appeared to defend her former home. She was shocked to see an appearance from Campanella and remarked that an oath sworn in the name of the Grandmaster was inviolable when he claied they would not attack the village again.

Vita lent her aid to the activation of the Lunar Nether Mirror in the Lunar Sanctuary, acting as the first trail needed to create the necessary conflict conditions. She did so out of a request from Roselia, her former mentor as well as a desire to learn the secrets of the past. She would make a surprise appearance in the special Arc en Ciel performance held to distract the troops stationed in crosbell, teleporting on with Bleublanc to perform aria much to everyone's surprise. Upon the conclusion of the third rivalry, Vita appeared to pay her respects to the fallen seventh Angius Arianrhod.

She would later appear to help create a barrier alongside fellow witches Rose and Emma around Mishelam Wonderland where the members of the Radiant Wings were spending their 'final night'. Vita spent the night chaperoning her adoptive grandmother, opting out of the drinking contest to 'look after the elderly' much to Rose's chagrin.

On the D-Day of Operation Jormungand, Vita joined on the five teams assaulting the five fake Salt Pales, alongside Aurelia Le Guin, Victor S. Arseid and Toval Randonneur, the latter of which commented on her as being a 'monster' on a similar level of Ein Selnate. upon successful termination of the pale's guardian, a recoloured version of the Aion Type-α II, she participated in the final battle against Ishmelga-Roge at the Tuatha De Danann and Earth Cage.

Following the end of the second stage, Mariabell Crois, Campanella and the First Angius discuss their recent losses. Mariabell claims Vita is a 'wise and prudent' person and counts on her cooperation in the next plan.

Hajimari no Kiseki

Vita joins Emma, Celine and Roselia on an excursion to the newly discovered Shrine of White upon the discovery of Isola's journal. Overcoming the trials, they reach the depths and recieve a message from a renant of Isola's power. Vita feels Isola's comments are giving her a hard time, but nevertheless she takes the advice to heart from her former mentor. After concuding their business with the shrine, Vita returns to Ouroboros while making one last commentn about Rose's diet.

Vita is brought in by Rose to discuss Elysium and the appearance of Reverse Babel. She expresses her interest is due to the involvement of the sixth angius F. Novartis. In the operation to attack Reverse Babel, Vita lends her magical power to Rose as they enchant the blades of Erebonia's finest swordsmen with enough strength to dispell the energy canon of Babel. Vita also brought along some enhanced jaegers, Gilbert Stein and the Stahlritter from the Society, as well as Zephyr who came at her invitation. These additoonal forces and airships help in the fight to control the airspace around Reverse Babel. After helping teleport the party into the tower, Vita confronts the professor who claims his investment in the events is purely research driven. Vita would also assist teleport in the Soldats and help retreive the party later in the battle.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Vita Clotilde
Vita Clotilde Note (Sen IV).png
Ouroboros / Hexen Clan
Ouroboros' Second Anguis and Emma's sister. Currently on leave from the society in order to assist the Weissland Army.
Like Old Times
Returning home, Vita was touched to find it had hardly changed. As she and Emma talked, it felt like she'd never left.
Grand Return
Vita and Bleublanc ended up joining Arc en Ciel's performance. For many, it was a delight to hear the Azure Diva sing again.

Vita Clotilde Note (Sen IV).png



Trails of Cold Steel II

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Orbal Staff Vita (Sen Weapon).png Kerykeion
Phantasmal Mirror
HP+3000/EP+370/Magic attack evasion+50%]

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
32px Azure Folding Fan Grianos
Finale: "Scattered Petals, Dying Flames"
[STR+1440/ATS+150/RNG+5/Critical rate+2%]
A prized folding fan. Its shining blue blades leaves observers perplexed and enraptured.

Hajimari no Kiseki

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
[STR+1245 ATS+180 RNG+5]
[STR+1345 ATS+190 RNG+5]
[STR+1445 ATS+200 RNG+5]
Black Zemurian Ore x1 Upgrade
[STR+1595 ATS+215 RNG+5 必殺2%]


Trails of Cold Steel II

Name Effect Class Cast Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen Skill).png Dancing Blades
Magic Attack (Set) - Area (XL) - Confuse (100%)/Burn (100%)
Slices foes to pieces with blades. Unbalance+30%
S+ 50 CP Initial
Craft (Sen Skill).png Frozen Prison
Magic Attack (Set) - Area (XL) - Seal (100%) - Freeze (100%)
Freezes all in a prison of otherworldly ice.
S+ 50 CP Initial
Craft (Sen Skill).png Summon Grianos
Magic Attack (Set) - Line (XL) - Random ailment (200%)
Summons Grianos, bringing about chaos.
SSS 100 CP Initial
S Craft (Sen Skill).png Aria of the Abyss
Magic Attack - All - Nightmare (500%)
Sinks foes into the depths of despair.
4S+ 100+ CP Initial

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Power Break Unbalance Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Dancing Blades
C D 25% 40 CP Initial
Physical - Area M (Set) - Critical rate+20%
Slices foes to pieces with blades.
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Frozen Prison
B A Yes 60 CP Initial
Magical - Area M (Set) - Freeze (100%)
Freezes all in a prison of otherworldly ice.
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Invoke Grianos
S D Yes 80 CP Initial
Magical - All - Mute (100%)
Manifests an illusion of Grianos, bringing about chaos.
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png Aria of the Abyss
4S+ D No 100+ CP Initial
Magical - All
Sinks does into the depths of despair.

Hajimari no Kiseki

Name Power Break Unbalance Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
40 CP Initial
攻撃(威力C+ ブレイクD 崩しA):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
60 CP Initial
魔法攻撃(威力B ブレイクA 崩しD):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
60 CP 試練の扉
魔法攻撃(威力A ブレイクS 崩しD):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
80 CP Initial
魔法攻撃(威力S ブレイクD 崩しD):
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png
100+ CP Initial
魔法攻撃(威力4S+ ブレイクD 崩し無効):全体
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png
100+ CP
魔法攻撃(威力5S+ ブレイクD 崩し無効):全体:悪夢200%

Brave Order

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name BP Effect
Azure Feathers
5 Damage Dealt +100% (8 turns)


Trails of Cold Steel

Trails of Cold Steel II

Trails of Cold Steel III

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Hajimari no Kiseki

Akatsuki no Kiseki

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