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Vivi (ヴィヴィ) is a journalist for the Imperial Chronicle and an alumna of Thors Military Academy's Class IV.


Vivi loves to play (naughty) pranks on people, especially her older twin sister Linde. She abuses her identical appearance to present herself as Linde and put her sister into awkward situations. Rean Schwarzer becomes a regular target of her pranks as well.

Erebonian Civil War

As soon as Trista is being invaded during the start of the Erebonian Civil War, Vivi's fear overtakes her playfulness and heavily relies on her sister during their escape from the Academy.

After the outbreak of the Civil War, Vivi flees to Legram. There Sister Theramis tried to calm her down by listening to her worries about not having her sister around. Her superior, Father Hamilcar, succeeded in doing so and even managed to motivate her to help out around the church, impressing both him and Sister Theramis with her capabilities.


Once she boards the Courageous during the Civil War, Vivi takes up the role of observer and self-proclaimed "Sexiness Officer". During her time on board, she discovers that she's a natural at observing and expresses her interest in keeping track of "naughty escapades" throughout Erebonia.


After graduating from Thors Military Academy, Vivi put her observing skills to practice as a journalist/photographer.[1]

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Vivi Note (Sen) Year 1 Class IV (Gardening Club)
A girl who loves playing pranks on people. Always searching for something fun to do.
Twin Sister

Younger sister of Linde from the Art Club. She enjoys changing places with her to play pranks.


She seems to trust her older sister to be there when she needs her to be.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Vivi Note (Sen) Year 1 Class IV (Gardening Club)
A member of the Gardening Club who loves pulling pranks on people--especially her elder twin sister, Linde.

Vivi was feeling dejected due to Linde being missing, but Fie cheered her up and persuaded her to come with them.


After finally being reunited with Linde, she was at last able to return to her usual cheerful self.


She was moved to tears after returning to the academy with Linde.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Vivi Note (Sen III)
Imperial Chronicle
Rean's former schoolmate, now a journalist for the Imperial Chronicle. Her passion for scoops causes trouble for her boss.
Hunting for Scoops
She went around the senior reporters to get an interview with the inspection team. Isn't always punctual, but she's got guts.
Intel Gathering
Goes against her boss' orders and gets intel on the agents instead of the Summer Festival. Despite the danger, she's gung ho.

Vivi Note (Sen III)


Trails of Cold Steel III



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