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Vulcan (ヴァルカン), also known by the code name V, was one of the main commanders of the Imperial Liberation Front.



Vulcan was a large, muscular man within his 30s, with light blue buzz cut spike style hair, and red eyes. He wore military style clothing, camouflage-pattern pants, a light green sleeveless military vest with a black and grey stripe vertical vest underneath, brown combat boots, gloves, and leather shoulder pouch. He also carried around several pouches and explosives. An insignia is strapped around his upper arm, displaying the crest of the ILF. Vulcan has several scars across his body, covering his arms and most noticeably, his face.

Vulcan wields a large ten-barrelled mini-gun single-handedly, a testament to his immense physical strength. His strength was well recognized by the Jaeger King when Zephyr Brigade and Vulcan's Armgarmr fought on the battlefield a few times in the past.


Despite his hard, militant exterior appearance, Vulcan was surprisingly amicable and well-meaning. He considered himself to be a "man of action" and loved fighting strong opponents. While he was rough around the edges, he cared for his teammates and was willing to help them out of tough situations.

After the slaughter of his corps, Vulcan became fuelled with a desire for revenge against Giliath Osborne- the architect of their demise. However, after he was assassinated, Vulcan no longer cared about living and simply wanted to find a battlefield where he could die, seeing no purpose left for him in life. At the time of his death, Vulcan had already fallen into a despair so deep that he couldn't recover from it and was in a state of simply waiting for his end.


In his past, Vulcan was the leader of a medium-sized jaeger corps called "Arngarmr," Arngarmr was made up of mostly good people who regularly took on small to decent sized jobs such as monster exterminations and escort jobs. They ran a small operation until a member of the Noble Alliance, later revealed to be Rufus Albarea, hired them for a certain job. In this job, the Noble Alliance wanted them to them to intimidate the newly posted chancellor for Erebonia; Giliath Osborne whose policies and radical reforms to imperial governance were beginning to cause the nobles some concern.

Vulcan had initially thought that the Blood and iron chancellor was an easy target because of his commoner upbringing, however he sorely underestimated Giliath's abilities which eventually led to the demise of his entire team. Rather than scaring Giliath, Giliath ended up scaring Vulcan when he brutally massacred his entire corps. With not even the women and children spared, Vulcan soon found himself surrounded by a pool of comrades' blood and was barely able to escape that battlefield.

After his team was slaughtered, Vulcan wandered around for a bit until he encountered and joined the Liberation Front under the alias 'V', who were just as eager to take down Osborne as he was. He viewed own life as nothing but a conduit for revenge.

Trails of Cold Steel[]

Vulcan was one of the main antagonists for Trails of Cold Steel I and II. During his time with the Imperial Liberation front, Vulcan participated in many missions including the kidnapping of Princess Alfin Reise Arnor and attacking the Imperial Family during the Summer Festival, as well as the attack and hijacking of Garrelia Fortress' twin rail guns.

Vulcan was first introduced during the terrorist attack on Heimdallr's Summer Festival. While he is not seen at first, it is revealed that he was launching an attack on one of the members of the Imperial Royal Family while Michael Gideon was kidnapping Alfin and Elise Schwarzer. He is first officially seen when he comes to save Michael Gideon with Scarlet from being captured by Class VII. He, Gideon, Scarlet, and finally C announced themselves as the Imperial Liberation Front, a terrorist group wanting to take down Chancellor Osborne.

Vulcan would then be part of a two-pronged attack on Garrelia fortress as part of a larger scheme to assassinate Chancellor Giliath Osborne during the West Zemuria Trade Conference. The aim was to take control of the the fortress's two railway cannons which were pointed at Crossbell. each had enough power to more than level the Orchis Tower, within which the conference was being held. Making use of archaisms on loan from Ouroboros, Vulcan and Scarlet each made their way to one of the two cannons, taking control of them long enough to fire the dummy rounds and prepare a genuine munition. Class VII, visiting the fortress as part of their field studies, divided themselves into two groups, one of which was able to subdue Vulcan. They would be unable to capture him however, as he makes a getaway in an airship soon after defeat.

He would next appear in the attack on the Saschen Iron Mine in the Roer region, once again employing archaisms. Vulcan's objective was holding hostages while keeping the Provincial Army at bay. Unfortunately for him, Class VII were once again present to foil the ILF's objectives, infiltrating the mine and Vulcan was soundly defeated after another fight. Just before Vulcan was apprehended, C showed up and intervened, getting Vulcan onboard an Airliner while C stayed to secure his comrades’ escape. With the terrorist's defeat at the mine, it seemed the threat was over for the time being.

After Giliath Osborne was assassinated, it turned out Vulcan and the ILF had been sponsored by the Noble Alliance who they then joined as part of a civil war to take over Erebonia. Vulcan supported the alliance by using his skills to pilot one of the newly unveiled Panzer Soldats in their debut appearance in the imperial capital suburb of Trista. He observed the staff taking the Soldats head on and noted his interest in joining the fray.

Trails of Cold Steel II[]

It was during the Erebonian Civil War that Vulcan fought on the side of the Noble Alliance using one of their Panzer Soldat units. He would train other soldiers in their use. In a meeting upon the alliance's flagship the Pantagruel, Vulcan, along with the remaining members of the ILF were given the task of seeing to to the 'unseen' side of the conflict, in other words the threats to the noble alliance that were not part of the Imperial governments loyalists, including Class VII. He confronted Class VII and the Courageous on many occasions including the second battle of Ymir. Later Vulcan would be granted the use of a new experimental Panzer Soldat- The Goliath unit.

In a chance reunion onboard the Pantagruel, when the alliance brought Rean aboard to convince him to join them, he and Vulcan managed to have a conversation. Vulcan remarked about his personal circumstances to a captive Rean Schwarzer, detailing his history and lack of motivation now that the ILF's primary objective had been met. After leaving, Vulcan concluded that Rean would be the perfect means to reach a satisfying end. Vulcan decided that interfering in Rean's escape was not something he was interested in and did not take part in stopping him.

On December 21, S.1204, Vulcan fought against Rean for the final time in the Goliath unit at the Schwarz Drache Barrier military outpost. Despite fighting his hardest, he was no match for Valimar with his new Zemurian prototype sword and ended up losing. Due to overheating his unit by using too many high-powered blasts, his unit started to self-destruct and blow-up. Despite Rean's pleas for him to evacuate, Vulcan told him that it was okay and chose to die with his Goliath. His death left a lasting impression on a Rean, who viewed his inability to save Vulcan as a failure.

Trails of Cold Steel IV[]

After rejoining Rean, Crow Armbrust visited another survivor of Arngarmr in Raquel to give him Vulcan's dog tag as part of his 'last regrets'.


Trails of Cold Steel[]

Craft (Sen Skill) Plastic Bottle Vulcan gets a grenade from his vest pouch to toss it in front of his targeted group, where it explodes to cause damage.
Craft (Sen Skill) Rapid Fire Vulcan wields up his Gatling gun after charging, then waves it off in a horizontal motion firing purple bullet hosts at the targets across his front center on the field.
Craft (Sen Skill) War Cry Charges up with particles following into the body (violet color for Vulcan) before imploding a massive aura over the body when finished. Effect: STR Up and DEF Up.
S Craft (Sen Skill) Destruction Cannon Vulcan wields his gatling gun forward when he says ‘I’M Gonna BLOW You To SMITHEREENS’ to which the edge point charges a brightly flying sphere of energy. Then fires it forth with a powerful beam cannon motion, causing a huge inferno of an explosion around the party, causing a hugely massive damage output to take them down.


Trails of Cold Steel[]