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Wayne Brighton (ウェイン・ブライトン) is a student in Class VIII of the Thors Branch Campus in Trails of Cold Steel III.


Wayne is born in S.1189 and lives with his family on Vesta Street, Heimdallr.

Son of a Commander

Wayne's father, Commander Brighton, used to be affiliated with the 5th Armored Division and stationed at the Garrelia Fortress.[2] His mother was worried sick over her father when the Crossbell Defense Force attacked the Garrelia.[2] After these events, Commander Brighton assumed office as the commander at the Heimdallr Military Police.[3]

His 2 years younger sister, Myka, attends St. Astraia Girls' School.[2]


At the age of 17, he enrolls (by accident) at the Thors Branch Campus, where he joins Class VIII under Instructor Randy Orlando. Later, he joins the Swimming Club. His courses at the academy are mathematics and imperial history.[1]

His weapon of choice is a sabre.

Character Notes

Wayne Brighton Note (Sen III)
Class VIII: Combat Tactics (Swimming Club)
A rigid and serious student who is as hard on himself as he is others. Overcomes hardships daily.
Unyielding Spirit
Enrolled at the main campus, but a bureaucratic error sent him to the branch campus. He's unfazed, though.
Sisterly Love
Spends all his money on a stuffed toy for his sister and is forced to turn to Freddy's 'unique' cooking to feed himself.

Wayne Brighton Note (Sen III)


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