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Wayne Brighton (ウェイン・ブライトン) is a student in Class VIII of the Thors Branch Campus in Trails of Cold Steel III.



Wayne is a tall an broad young man with light eyes and blonde hair which is combed back. He wears the standard male Branch Campus uniform consisting of a blue blazer, waistcoat and white shirt. Wayne also wears black pinstriped trousers a red tie, buckled black shoes and glasses.

His weapon of choice is a sabre.


Wayne is an extremely hard worker who can often be hard on himself in search of results. regardless, he never lets life's inconveniences get him down is is always motivated to push himself to his limit and seek improvement. He graciously accepts advice and always encourages others in spite of his own shortcomings. Maya describes him as 'stubborn and stormy'. His sister describes him as 'out of shape, a muscle head and only interested in fighting.'


Wayne was born in S.1189 and lives with his family on Vesta Street, Heimdallr.

Wayne's father, Commander Brighton, used to be affiliated with the 5th Armored Division and stationed at the Garrelia Fortress.[2] His mother was worried sick over her father when the Crossbell Defense Force attacked the Garrelia.[2] After these events, Commander Brighton assumed office as the commander at the Heimdallr Military Police.[3]

His 2 years younger sister, Myka, attends St. Astraia Girls' School.[2]

Trails of Cold Steel III

At the age of 17, he enrolls (by accident) at the Thors Branch Campus, where he joins Class VIII: Combat Tactics under Instructor Randy Orlando. Later, he joins the Swimming Club. His courses at the academy are mathematics and imperial history.[1] Wayne also spends a lot of the time training, hoping to better himself. Wayne is disappointed by his 'average results' despite the hours he put into studying.

He cares a lot for his family, spending his money on gifts for her and resorting to eating Freddy's food to feed himself.

Rean helps Wayne train by introducing him to the 'Man-Way Method', pushing him to his limits and helping him improve. Later, Rean helps the swimming club by putting them against Class VII.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Wayne and Jessica had been investigating Nortia. They return and meet with Rean's Party in Leeves, using the closed branch of Neinvalli. he is asked to contact the Merkabah and acts as back up.

Wayne spends more practising the same moves repeatedly in hopes of improvement. He states that others always give him the same advice but he needs to find his own style. Rean notices this when spotting him training with Jessica Schleiden and brings in Laura S. Arseid, Fie Claussell and Duvalie to help them train. Through this extra session, he is taught what his shortcomings are and next steps and also to loosen up a little in combat. Wayne states after the fight that a barrier holding him back is gone. Wayne is part of the crew on the Courageous II and asks Machias for advice.

The swimming club later has a chance to reunite in Mishelam. He prays to Aidos for the courage to face the thrill of the rides.

Trails into Reverie

Wayne is present at the Imperial Wedding Tasting session and the Branch Campus Academy festival where he is holding a 'muscle seminar'. He initially has a captivated audience of young boys, but after being asked if muscles attract girls, by chance they spot some of the more bishonen types attracting female attention and deduce that 'muscles are the enemy' and run off, despite Wayne's protests and pleas. He comes to the conclusion that while he hasn't betrayed muscles, muscles have betrayed humanity.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel III

Wayne Brighton Note (Sen III).png
Class VIII: Combat Tactics (Swimming Club)
A rigid and serious student who is as hard on himself as he is others. Overcomes hardships daily.
Unyielding Spirit
Enrolled at the main campus, but a bureaucratic error sent him to the branch campus. He's unfazed, though.
Sisterly Love
Spends all his money on a stuffed toy for his sister and is forced to turn to Freddy's 'unique' cooking to feed himself.

Wayne Brighton Note (Sen III).png

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Wayne Brighton Note (Sen III).png
Class VIII: Combat Tactics
A rigid and serious student who is as hard on himself as he is others. Overcomes hardships daily.
Honor Students
Sensing a kindred spirit, Wayne sought advice from Machias. However, the serious Thors grad had no tips for learning how to relax.
A Clear Mind
After sparring with Duvalie, Wayne began learning how to fight on instinct. However, he still needs to work on unclenching his jaw.

Wayne Brighton Note (Sen III).png



Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Power Break Unbalance Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Exquisit C D 20% 20 CP Initial
Physical - Area S - Burn (50%)
Hundred-form Military Combat technique that attacks with a burning blade.
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Lichtfelsen 60 CP Initial
Support - One - Complete Immunity - STR ↑ (S) (4 turns)
Deploys a defensive barrier using dogged determination.


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