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Wazy Hemisphere (ワジ・ヘミスフィア), also known under his alias of Blue Testament ((あお)聖典(せいてん)), is the owner of the pool bar "Trinity" in the Downtown District area of Crossbell and leader of the delinquent youth gang known as the Testaments. During Ao no Kiseki it is revealed that Wazy has been working undercover as a knight of the Gralsritter of the Septian Church and occupies the seat of 9th Dominion.



Born in an unnamed place at the outskirts of Zemuria, Wazy grew up in a village in which contact with the outside world was prohibited and where an ancient deity other than Aidios was worshiped. As a child, Wazy served the village as a medium able to hear the voice of the local deity.

One day, villagers one after the other fell into a deep torpor for no explicable reason. Upon investigation, Wazy found that the local deity was rampaging and absorbing the energy flowing through the earth veins. Rather than taking his suggestion to seal the veins into consideration, the village elders began discussing a human sacrifice to appease the deity.

At that moment, Gralsritter from the Septian Church arrived, which led Wazy to realize that the local deity was not a god but in fact a slab-like artifact. Wazy tried to destroy the artifact by throwing it off a cliff to release the village from the ancient spell the artifact had cast on it. The artifact resisted this attempt and overpowered Wazy, which led his Stigma to awaken in self-defense. His Stigma in turn absorbed the artifact's power, turning it into an ordinary lithograph that crumbled away in his hands. Wazy was then banished from the village, accused of murdering the local deity.

The Gralsritter escorted the now-exiled Wazy to Arteria where he began his training as the ninth of the Dominion. Abbas serves as his right-hand man. His Merkabah was serviced by squires Juno and Ventus.

Zero no Kiseki

Wazy was sent to Crossbell City in order to investigate. He immediately set up the youth gang Testaments, who often got into conflict with Wald Wales and his gang, the Saber Vipers. This "war" between him and Wales served as the perfect disguise for his actual mission. Wazy soon encountered Lloyd Bannings and the Special Support Section during one of these conflicts, taking a liking to the fledgling group and would often work alongside them.

Ao no Kiseki

After the Cult Incident of S.1204, Wazy requested to join the SSS temporarily, which was granted. He ended his rivalry with Wald. Wald realized that Wazy had always been holding back and wished to surpass him. In their encounter at the Azure Tree, Wazy was forced to use his Stigma to defeat the warped Wald.

Following the incident, Wazy took Wald to Arteria so that the Church could treat his Gnosis after-effects. In an unexpected turn, Wazy ended up taking him in as a squire. Wazy also took in former Imperial Liberation Front member Scarlet, who had previously worked with the Church as a squire and sought to restart her life.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Wazy was indirectly mentioned by Thomas Lysander as additional support to help control the situation in Erebonia alongside Kevin Graham, but he was unable to attend due to other issues requiring his attention. He was able to attend the wedding of Olivert Reise Arnor and Scherazard Harvey.

Hajimari no Kiseki

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Character Notes

Hajimari no Kiseki

File:Wazy Hemisphere Note (Hajimari).png





Hajimari no Kiseki

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired

[STR+950 ATS+95 RNG+1 必殺5%]

[STR+1050 ATS+105 RNG+1 必殺5%]

[STR+1150 ATS+115 RNG+1 必殺5%]

[STR+1250 ATS+125 RNG+1 必殺5%]

[STR+1350 ATS+135 RNG+1 必殺5%]

[STR+1450 ATS+145 RNG+1 必殺5%]

Black Zemurian Ore x1 Upgrade
[STR+1600 ATS+160 RNG+1 必殺7%]


Zero no Kiseki

Name Effect Cast Cost Level
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Phantom Rush
Craft - Attack - One - SPD-50%
Restrains the enemy with rapid strikes. SPD-50%.
20 CP Initial
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Whirlwind Kick
Craft - Attack (Set) - Area (S)
A roundhouse kick made with plenty of weight behind it.
20 CP Initial
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Trinity Card
Craft - Attack - One - Impede
Gracefully casts a mystical card to cancel arts and crafts.
20 CP Story[note 1]
S Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Deadly Heaven
S-Craft - Attack - One
Unleashes a series of rapid kicks to weaken and rout a foe.
100+ CP Initial
Support Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Wild Joker
Support Craft - Support - Area (M) - SPD+50% - Accelerate
Deals a mystical card that destroys the time barrier.
Story[note 1]
  1. 1.0 1.1 Trinity Card and Wild Joker are only available in fights during the Schwarze Auction.

Hajimari no Kiseki

Name Power Break Unbalance Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
30 CP Initial
攻撃(威力B ブレイクD 崩しS):
円S+(地点指定):混乱30% 遅延+4
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
30 CP Level 137
攻撃(威力B+ ブレイクD 崩しS):
円S+(地点指定):混乱50% 遅延+6
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
60 CP Initial
魔法攻撃(威力B ブレイクD 崩しD):円L(地点指定):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
60 CP 試練の扉
魔法攻撃(威力B+ ブレイクD 崩しD):円L(地点指定):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
80 CP Level 111
攻撃(威力S+ ブレイクS 崩しD):
単体:悪夢40% 必殺35%
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
80 CP Level 203
攻撃(威力SS ブレイクS 崩しD):
単体:悪夢80% 必殺40%
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png
100+ CP Initial
魔法攻撃(威力5S ブレイクC 崩し無効):円L+(地点指定):
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png
100+ CP Level 203
魔法攻撃(威力5S+ ブレイクB 崩し無効):円L+(地点指定):

Brave Order

Hajimari no Kiseki

Name BP Effect

3 魔法(8カウント/駆動時間1/5):


Zero no Kiseki

Ao no Kiseki

Hajimari no Kiseki

Akatsuki no Kiseki


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