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Weapon types (攻撃属性) is a gameplay mechanic introduced in Trails of Cold Steel. It assigns a distinctive attribute to physical attacks and works together with combat links.


The varied weapons wielded in battle by playable characters have affinities for dealing certain types of damage—slash, pierce, thrust, and strike. Enemies may have a weakness to particular types of damage, and having the right character deliver a physical attack raises the chance of that enemy becoming "unbalanced," which opens them up to a free follow-up attack from their combat link partner.

Type Description Effective
Slash (Sen Attack Type).png Slash
The most versatile attack method by cutting and slicing. Works on soft enemies, such as plant-types.
Pierce (Sen Attack Type).png Pierce
Gouging attacks by thrusting and penetrating. Works on larger enemies, such as fish-types.
Thrust (Sen Attack Type).png Thrust
Hitting strikes with destructive impact. Effective against hard-shelled insects and large beasts.
Thrust (Sen Attack Type).png Strike
Shooting attacks to subdue quick enemies. Whether its avians, beasts, or bugs, any hard enemies with a blind spot.