The Weissland Resurgent Army (ヴァイスラント決起軍) is a newly established military unit consisting of former members of the Noble Alliance. They aim is to oppose Chancellor Giliath Osborne.


When the Gral of Erebos consumed the Karel Imperial Villa northwest of Heimdallr on 18 July S.1206, Marquis Fernand Hyarms ordered the supreme commander of the united provincial armies, Brigadier General Wallace Bardias, to have the Weissland Rousing Army spring to action.

The Panzer Soldat units of the Weissland Rousing Army infiltrated Heimdallr from the west, where former general Aurelia Le Guin boarded her Spiegel to join the invasion. After rescuing Ash Carbide, who was arrested for the attempted assassination of Emperor Eugent Reise Arnor III, from the Railway Military Police office at Heimdallr Central Station, they marched on toward Heimdallr Airport, where they seized control of the flagship of the former Noble Alliance, the Pantagruel.

Vita Clotilde, who witnessed the Courageous exploding while maintaining the barrier around St. Astraia Girls' School, teleported to Heimdallr Airport to join the Weissland Rousing Army.


Active forces


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