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Wendy (ウェンディ) is an engineer at Genten Orbal Store in Crossbell City. She is a childhood friend of Lloyd Bannings.



Wendy is a young woman with mint green eyes and brown hair tied back behind her head. She wears a set of blue and red overalls with orange leg coverings and black steel-toe-cap boots. The overalls are worn unzipped, revealing her white T-shirt beneath. She also wears a blue and red cap and brown buckled gloves.


Wendy has problems waking up in the morning and frequently arrives at work still sleepy. She envies her energetic junior Chaco. Wendy's sleepiness, however, gets on the nerves of her manager, Fernand, and gets often lectured by him. Still, despite their frequent quarrels, Wendy her relationship with her boss is improving to the extent she's willing to help him with his orbal studies.


Wendy's learnt engineering from her old master, Guillaume. After he quit from the Genten Orbal Factory in S.1203, Wendy decided to stay working at Genten. The re-brand allowed her to spend more time on repairing devices while having to spend less time on attracting customers.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

In Trails from Zero, Wendy is working at the Genten orbal store, alongside Chaco who looks up to her and is slowly learning from her. Wendy works extremely hard and often attracts the ire of the store owner, Fernand. Over time, she teaches him what she knows about orbal technology and their relations start to improve. After recognising Lloyd from his temporary absence, she introduces the Special Support Section to the Enigma combat orbment.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

Wendy greets Juna Crawford and welcomes her back to Crossbell with the rest of Class VII. She had already been contacted by Governor general Rufus Albarea to support them with any orbal maintenance. She mentions that they discreetly keep selling Verne equipment as the company can't afford to lose out on sales in Crossbell.

After the Great Twilight, she is relieved to see Juna safe and offers her assistance, although she is unsure about all the 'singularity' stuff they keep mentioning. She provides what little information she knows on resistance efforts and the Imperial Defence Force and later helps contribute to the Arc en Ciel performance in the city.

Trails into Reverie

Wendy supports the SSS with setting up the updated ARCUS from Reinford. She remains in the city after the takeover of Supreme Leader Rufus Albarea, and warns visitors to the store, including Swin Abel and Nadia Rayne about visiting the Leader's speeches, lest they somehow find themselves supporting him. She has been supporting underground efforts and in the final battle gives her full support to the police, helping to rework everyone's orbments.