Wendy (ウェンディ) is an engineer at Genten Orbal Store in Crossbell City. She is a childhood friend of Lloyd Bannings.


Wendy's learnt engineering from her old master, Guillaume. After he quit from the Genten Orbal Factory in S.1203, Wendy decided to stay working at Genten. The re-brand allowed her to spend more time on repairing devices while having to spend less time on attracting customers.

Wendy has problems waking up in the morning and frequently arrives at work still sleepy. She envies her energetic junior Chaco. Wendy's sleepiness, however, gets on the nerves of her manager, Fernando, and gets often lectured by him. Still, despite their frequent quarrels, Wendy her relationship with her boss is improving to the extent she's willing to help him with his orbal studies.

In Zero no Kiseki, Wendy introduces the Special Support Section to the Enigma.


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