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Wilhelm Ballad (ヴィルヘルム・バラッド) is a marquis in Ordis and provisional ruler of the Lamarre Province following Duke Croire de Cayenne's arrest.


Wilhelm Ballad first appeared in Trails in the Sky the 3rd, where he can be seen talking to Hermann Conrad on board of the Lusitania.[Note 1] He financially contributed to the luxurious passenger airship, but sold off his rights for several million mira right before the start of the Erebonian Civil War.[2]

Assault on Ordis

Amidst the chaos of the sudden Ouroboros attack on Ordis on June 18, S.1206, Marquis Ballad flees to Juno Naval Fortress, leaving the evacuation of the city to Marquis Fernand Hyarms.[3] Unaware that the naval fortress would be occupied by Ouroboros and the remnants of the Northern Jaegers, Marquis Ballad is eventually confronted by Arianrhod and subsequently imprisoned by the Stahlritter.[3]

His ambition to succeed Croire de Cayenne as duke of Lamarre Province falls through when he finds out that the person who resolved the chaos at Juno Naval Fortress was none other than Mildine Juzalith de Cayenne, the daughter of his deceased nephew Alfred de Cayenne, and the preferred successor of the Cayenne Dukedom.[3]


Trails of Cold Steel III



  1. Kevin Graham remarks that one of the persons talking to Hermann Conrad looks like "Marquis Ballad, known for his extravagant spending".[1]


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