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William Lakelord, more commonly referred to as Lakelord III (レイクロードⅢ世) or by his title, the Fishing Emperor (釣皇), is a professional angler, the eldest son of Lakelord II of the Lakelord Company and founder and head of the Imperial Fishing Club.



William is a man with green eyes and swept-back pink hair. He wears an elaborate suit with crimson and gold hemming , a white shirt and pink neck tie.


Like all the members of the Lakelord Family, William is steadfast about his love for fishing. He believes in the prestige of the sport and maintains an air of arrogance, but does concede about the value of certain fishing locations. He is described as a kind man, but is stubborn and won't give in from a challenge.


William was born as the eldest son of Baron Lakelord II. At some point in the past, he met Harvard Fisher.

William founded the Imperial Fishing Club, and recruited Erebonia's best anglers to join.

Trails to Azure

Lakelord III arrives in Crossbell City, where his Club has taken over the premises of the Fisherman's Guild in East Street. Whilst he admits he was forceful in his approach, he also states he followed all legal process. He cannot understand why Crossbell is so bothered about their independence, attributing their safety to his home, the Empire. Dismissive of the Fisherman's 'for fun' approach, William humors the guild by offering them a chance to take it back - by defeating the 'Elite Four' and himself. For each elite Four member they defeat in a fishing duel, he will return that location's fishing spots, with all of Crossbell returned if he himself should be defeated. The Guild enlist Lloyd Bannings to help them win this Angler's duel.

After claiming all four medals, Lloyd faces and defeats Lakelord II, who concedes defeat and offers to withdraw from Crossbell after Lloyd catches the Elder King. Harvard Fisher appears and William airs his grievance about the former leaving the Club 'to side with evil'. The Fisherman's Guild offer the sign of peace and the two unite, sharing the premises and work together to pursue the ideals of fishing. William asks that the Guild look after Salem, the receptionist who had desired to join the Guild.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Annabelle is arranged to marry william, something she does not desire and flees from, travelling all over Erebonia. William eventually encounters her in Trista and Annabelle makes her declaration that she wishes to stay with Kenneth, William's younger brother. William considers this an insult to his pride, but gives her the chance if Kenneth can defeat him in an angler's duel. Rean acts as Kenneth's second, and Narses of the Elite Four acts as William's. Kenneth wins the duel with help from Rean and gives up the marriage proposal, seeing Annabelle's true feelings.

During his stay in Trista, William meets Annie, a young girl who greatly irks him, but he decides to take her under his tutelage after her request and because he notices her potential. He is horrified by her 'heathen ways' when she mentions crabbing, but decides it would be better if he taught her rather than leaving her to Kenneth. He proclaims his desire to return to Crosbell to complete his training, citing a lady awaiting his return (most likely Salem).

Trails of Cold Steel III

William is mentioned as having travelled to Calvard with the Elite Four in search of new fishing opportunities. Whilst there, they encounter a new, as of the present unmet Fishing organization and stayed in Calvard to protect their interests.