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The World of Ain (無の世界) is world of darkness and nothingness, presumably a part of KeA like the World of Zero.


After his short-lived reunion with Guy Bannings, Lloyd ends up in the World of Ain where he finds KeA sobbing. Suffering an existential crisis, KeA wonders whether she is worthy of the love of the Special Support Section members when neither her heart nor soul are authentic. She feels like she directed them into loving her. Lloyd, however, reminds her of the memories they made together and the fun they had. There is no reason for her to carry her burdens alone and that her friends will do whatever they can to serve as her family.

As KeA finally opens her heart again, she regains her original form and jumps into Lloyd's arms. As the World of Ain around them crumbles, they head back toward the real world.


  • The relationship between the kanji of 無 (nothingness) and the romanisation 'Ain' is unclear.
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