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The Worzel Family (ウォーゼル) are the family of Gaius Worzel, including his father, Lacan; mother, Fatma; and siblings, Thoma, Sheeda and Lily. They live in the Nomadic Settlement which can be found within the Nord Highlands.


Lacan Worzel

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Lacan Worzel (ラカン・ウォーゼル) is the father of Gaius, Thoma, Sheeda and Lily and the husband of Fatma.

Fatma Worzel

Fatma Worzel ( ファトマ・ウォーゼル) is the mother of Gaius, Thoma, Sheeda and Lily and the wife of Lacan.


She is a youthful looking woman with typical Nord features: dark hair and a tanned complexion. She has blue eyes and long wavy hair, tied back with red ribbon and featuring several beads braided in. She dresses in the traditional Nord style, a long dress made up of two layer: a deep blue layer with cream coloured wavy patterns along the hem, and an underlining white layer with olive green patterns along the bottom. She wears two green sashes around her waist, one darker than the other and another green band around her chest. She also has a red cord with a turquoise orb pendant around her waist. She wears brown riding boots with silver caps.


Fatma is a warm and inviting person, making all of Class VII feel welcome when receiving them at the Nomadic Settlement. She cares greatly for her children and husband. When complimented on her looks, she remarks that, 'flattery will get you everywhere.'

Gaius Worzel

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Gaius Worzel (ガイウス・ウォーゼル) is the the eldest son of Lacan and Fatma, being their first born overall.

Thoma Worzel

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Thoma Worzel (トマ・ウォーゼル) is the the youngest son of Lacan and Fatma, being their second born overall.

Sheeda Worzel

Sheeda Worzel (シーダ・ウォーゼル) is the eldest daughter of Lacan and Fatma, being their third born overall.


Sheeda is a young girl with typical Nord features: dark hair and a tanned complexion. She has blue eyes and medium length wavy dark brown hair, worn loosely. When she was younger, she wore a simple pale green tunic with a patterned blue sash around her waist and blue shoes. An older Sheeda wears a skirt in a similar style to the tunic she once wore, along with a deep blue jacket and white shirt in the traditional Nord style. She starts to pin her hair up and wear red ribbons and blue beads in it. She now wears full Nordic riding boots with silver caps. She wears a turquoise pendant around her neck and red cord around her waist.


Sheeda has a bright and bubbly personality, and is immensely proud of her older brother Gaius, and what he has done to protect the family and the country.

Lily Worzel

Lily Worzel (リリ・ウォーゼル) is the youngest daughter of Lacan and Fatma, being their fourth and youngest born overall.


Lily is a young girl with typical Nord features: dark hair and a tanned complexion. She has blue eyes and medium length wavy dark brown hair, of which, one side is worn tied up with a red ribbon as one is left loose. When she was younger, she wore a simple short pale green tunic. An older Lily wears a longer tunic in the same style as her older, and what may in fact be a hand-me-down from her older sister, resembling the one she wore at that age. She has a blue decorated sash around her waist. Lily wears flat brown shoes.


Lily has a bright and cheerful personality, and is immensely proud of her older brother Gaius. Lily is easily upset and cries easily, not understanding some of the troubles affecting the region. She wants to help as much as she can. She is very quizzical with Gaius' friends, bombarding them with questions.

Trails of Cold Steel

Class VII's Group A conduct a field study in the Nord Highlands, where they stay with Gaius' family. Fatma cooks a meal for them and runs various errands around the settlement including tending the wounded and relaying messages. Lily doesn't understand why they are moving (the threat of the war) and cries, but also tries to help out and ask lots of questions. Sheeda psend slots of her time looking after Lily. Sheeda offers to do some of Thoma's chores so he can go and see Sharl. Both sisters ask Rean lots of questions about student life.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Rean Schwarzer returns to the Nord Highlands in search of his scattered classmates, of which Millium Orion, Alisa Reinford and Gaius are located within. They are staying at the Nomadic Settlement which has moved North to beside Lake Lacrima, with Gaius's family once again.

Lily is usually around playing hide-and seek, as well as teaching Copan how to ride. Sheeda is excited about the thought of Thoma getting married and wants to be so herself. She teaches Class VII a recipe and asks them to find some lost livestock. The siblings become upset and don't want Gaius to leave.

Fatma remains hopeful for her son, Thoma's romance with Sharl as she stays with them. She urges her children that Gaius will be alright as he leaves, stating that he has important work to do. She cautions Class VII not to throw their lives away and wishes them good luck.

After the war, Fatma mentions talk of returning to the southern part of the Highlands.

Trails into Reverie

Fatma expresses her pride at how much Rean and his companions have grown since she last saw them, as they come to the Highlands investigating Olivert's disappearance. With the strange events occurring, the settlement is undergoing an emergency relocation, and so Lacan is elsewhere, scouting a site. the family wishes Gaius and his companions well and pledges to support them as best they can. Sheeda asks the party to find Grace Lynn who had not been seen in some time.

When an autonomous tank threatens the family, Aurelia Le Guin and Sara Valestein step in to save them. Later, Fatma is proud of Sheeda and Thoma offering to help with the search for the devices and tanks. Sheeda travels by horseback with the split up party. When the settlement is targeted by an autonomous Railway Cannon, threatening the lives of Fatma and Lily, Rean summons Tyrfing and blocks the blast, saving them all.