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Xeno (ゼノ), also known as the Trap Master (罠使い(トラップマスター)), is a regimental commander of Zephyr. He is usually seen with his companion Leonidas. During battles he wields a blade rifle.


In S.1196, Xeno worked as an assassin who was sent to assassinate Rutger Claussell.[Note 1] He not only failed his mission, but was instead invited for a drink with his target. Xeno's former organisation started targetting him instead, but Rutger stepped in and completely destroyed said organisation. Xeno joined Zephyr, which he saw as the family he had been looking for.[3]

Trails of Cold Steel II

Although first shown in Trails of Cold Steel, Xeno is formally introduced alongside his companion Leonidas in Trails of Cold Steel, Chapter 1: "Unconventional Studies". Serving the Noble Alliance during the Erebonian Civil War, they fight with Class VII at the ruins of Garrelia Fortress and soon thereafter in Ymir. After the Intermission: "Aboard the Pantagruel", Xeno and Leonidas continue their work in western Erebonia until they're called back by Cayenne on December 30 to defend the second stratum of the Infernal Castle, where they faced off against Fie Claussell and the rest of Class VII once more. They revealed to Fie that other Zephyr members had split up on Rutger's orders and that they were working on bringing him back from the grave.[4]

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

Following Rutger's revival, their work throughout Erebonia leads them to several counters with Class VII, revealing that they only cooperated with the Noble Alliance at the request of their "true employer",[5] the Gnomes, in order to gather intelligence. He continues to work with Leonidas, this time as members of Zephyr, to help Alberich and Giliath Osborne spur on the Great Twilight. After preparing the stage for the Rivalry between Rutger and Rean Schwarzer by fighting Class VII, he and Leonidas side with them for the infiltration of the Salt Pales.



Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Final Curtain: " Flower Petals at Blaze's End"
[STR+1450 RNG+2 必殺2%]


Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Cost Delay Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
30 25 Initial
攻撃(威力C ブレイクD 崩し+10%):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
40 30 Initial
攻撃(威力B ブレイクB 崩し有効):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
80 30 Initial
攻撃(威力D ブレイクC 崩し+15%):
円M+:炎傷・混乱・石化50% 3回攻撃
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png
100+ 40 Initial
攻撃(威力SSS+ ブレイクD 崩し無効):

Brave Order

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name BP Effect
Killer Hornet
1 Critical rate +30% (4 turns)
SPD raised (L) (1 turn)


Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV


  • Xeno and Leonidas are always together whenever they appear on-screen. The one exception to this is when they are fought against individually in Zephyr's Spirit Shrine.



  1. Took place "10 years ago" in S.1206.[3]


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