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Xipha (ザイファ), an abbreviation for eXternal Interface for Post Human Activation, is a sixth-generation battle orbment developed in Calvard.


Xipha deploys Shards, electric pieces of ether, around its user and enables them to manipulate them to activate various functions. The Xipha introduces features that enhance the user's abilities, including Hollow Cores, which change the overall performance of the Xipha; Arts Drivers, which install various orbal magic; and Shard Skills, which activate according to the amount of quartz.[1]

Each Xipha's cover has a small color personalize option per wielder, excluding white.

Hollow Core

Agnes Claudel's Aim, an example of a Hollow Core

Hollow Cores (ホロウコア) are AI-equipped Core Quartz of the Xipha and spiritual successor to Enigma II and ARCUS's Master quartz. The Hollow Cores mounted in the center of the Xipha have three vital roles that significantly affect its overall performance:

  • Basic Arts Attack Power – Basic stats that boost the power of arts attacks.
  • Base EP – Basic stats that increase the maximum EP required to cast arts.
  • S Boost Properties – Special effects that can be activated during battle.

Your Hollow Core level increases through battle. Your Basic Arts Attack Power, Base EP, and S Boost Properties will grow along with it. Furthermore, the Hollow Core is loaded with a navigator that supports Xipha users with voice-based guidance in various situations, such as in battle, on the field, and during quests.

In addition to the voice and speech style adjusting according to the type of Hollow Core, the Hollow Core shows a more human response to the user.[1]

Apparently, AIs that live inside a Hollow Core allow the user to transform by fusing with them, as it's the case with Mare, the AI inside Van's core.

Arts Driver

Arts Driver (アーツドライバ) allows its user to install Orbal arts, which can be used by mounting it to the Xipha. The availability of arts depends on the level of the Hollow Core: the higher a Hollow Core's level, the more powerful arts can be wielded. Separate from the pre-installed arts sets, the Arts Driver also has custom slots. Setting arts into these slots allows one to make up for a lack of recovery or support arts, or install more powerful attack arts.[1]

Shard Skills

Shard Skills (シャードスキル) are special effects activated by lines' elemental powers. Hollow Cores have four lines that can slot quartz to Weapon, Shield, Drive, and EXTRA. Depending on the elemental powers of the quartz slotted to these lines, shards will deploy that activate various special effects in battle.

  • Weapon Line – The line connected to attack functions such as additional elemental damage or effects.
  • Shield Line – The line connected to defense functions such as damage reduction, elemental resistance effects, and counterattacks.
  • Drive Line – The line connected to arts strengthening functions such as increased casting speed and increased elemental power.
  • EXTRA Line – The line connected to unique functions that do not fall in the categories of Weapon, Shield, or Drive.

The types and threshold of elemental power required to activate Shard Skills are determined by their performance. By preparing Xipha while keeping in mind the elemental power of each quartz, it will be possible to activate more advanced Shard Skills in battle.[1]


  • The name Xipha is a reference to the Xiphone, a brand of smartphones that appears in another Falcom game, Tokyo Xanadu.