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Ymir (ユミル), also known as the Ymir, Hot Springs Paradise (温泉郷ユミル), is a small town health resort at the foot of the Eisengard Range in the mountainous Nortia Province of Erebonia and the home of the Schwarzer Barony. It is the hometown of Rean Schwarzer and governed by his foster father Baron Teo Schwarzer.


Schwarzer Barony Crest

A small town in the mountainous parts of Nortia Province, Ymir is a cold, little known town and governed by Baron Teo Schwarzer. Ymir is also in a distant location of Eisengard Range, meaning travel to the village must be done on foot. Its primary transportation is an Orbal Cable Car. Ymir is famous for its hot springs and as a location for winter holidays. During the winter months, it is possible to snowboard down the mountain.

Trails of Cold Steel

Ymir is mentioned as the adopted hometown of Rean Schwarzer. It was here that he saved his adopted sister Elise Schwarzer from a monster when they were very young using his latent abilities.

Ymir made its first debut in the epilogue of Trails of Cold Steel visited by the Class VII for their vacation as a treat of the Royal Family for their involvement in the Battle of Sachsen Iron Mine at Roer. it was there Class VII had their first run in with Enforcer X of Ouroboros, Bleublanc the Phantom Thief.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Following his defeat at the hands of the Azure knight, Valimar transports Rean to the Eisengard Range from which he makes his way back to his hometown of Ymir. Rean uses the town as a base from which to travel all over the empire through use of the Spirit path connected to a place of great spiritual importance just outside the town.

Ymir became a vital location for the Third Faction, becoming the starting point of their campaign led by Rean and his classmates. Although Ymir stayed in its neutrality on the conflict of the Reformist Faction and Noble Alliance, it was consecutively invaded by the Provincial Army of Albarea in its move to abduct Princess Alfin Reise Arnor as a means of forcing the leadership of the Noble Alliance to shift from Duke Croire de Cayenne to Duke Helmut Albarea. The town later comes under attack by the Noble Alliance and their allies who abduct Elise and threaten more destruction should Rean not join them.

Trails into Reverie

Ymir returns as a location where Rean and the new Class VII confront Matteus Vander and Claire Rieveldt as part of a training exercise. Later, the party would defend the town from an attack by magic knights.


  • Baron Schwarzer's Mansion
  • Plover Goods & Souvenirs
  • The Phoenix Wings (Indoor Bathhouse & Outdoor Hot Spring)
  • Valley's Echo Tavern
  • Ymir Chapel
  • Ymir - House
  • Plaza - Foot Bath
  • Ymir Valley
  • Ymir's Snowboard Course



  • Ymir was originally scheduled to make its debut in Trails of Cold Steel, but was scrapped from the final version. Instead, the events that were to take place in Ymir were told through static images at the beginning of the Finale
  • The concept art of Ymir has the foot bath positioned next to the Plover. In the final version, the foot bath is moed to the centre of Ymir's plaza.
  • An unfinished version of Ymir and the cable car of its Funicular Railway can be accessed in Trails of Cold Steel through the debug mode. For more information, see the TCRF section on Ymir.