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Ymir (ユミル), also known as the Ymir, Hot Springs Paradise (温泉郷ユミル), is a health resort at the foot of the Eisengard Range in north Erebonia and the home of the Schwarzer Barony.


  • Baron Schwarzer's Mansion
  • Plover Goods & Souvenirs
  • The Phoenix Wings (Indoor Bathhouse & Outdoor Hot Spring)
  • Valley's Echo Tavern
  • Ymir Chapel
  • Ymir - House
  • Plaza - Foot Bath
  • Ymir Valley
  • Ymir's Snowboard Course



  • Ymir was originally scheduled to make its debut in Trails of Cold Steel, but was scrapped from the final version. Instead, the events that were to take place in Ymir were told through static images at the beginning of the Finale
  • The concept art of Ymir has the foot bath positioned next to the Plover. In the final version, the foot bath is moed to the centre of Ymir's plaza.
  • An unfinished version of Ymir and the cable car of its Funicular Railway can be accessed in Trails of Cold Steel through the debug mode. For more information, see the TCRF section on Ymir.

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