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The Legend of Heroes: Yume no Kiseki (英雄伝説 夢の軌跡, or 'The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Dreams') was a mobile game set in the Kiseki universe. The game was released for iOS and Android on July 11, 2013. Its online service ended ten months later on May 7, 2014.


In the game, players gathered characters like Estelle Bright and Lloyd Bannings to form their own parties. The game was initially dedicated to characters from the Liberl arc and Crossbell arc. Later, characters appearing in the Erebonia arc would make an appearance. Using these parties, they would fulfill quests set in the Kiseki universe or battle with other players in the Arena.

Battles in the Arena would unfold by placing attacking characters on the front line and supporting characters in the back line. The outcomes of battles are determined by Skills activated during the battle and the compatibility between characters. Points earned through battles can be spent on new characters in the so-called Agency. Training these characters and honing their skills makes them in turn essential party members in the Arena.

From September 30 onward, six characters were obtainable for a limited amount of time during as 'Halloween Characters'.


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