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Yun Ka-fai (ユン・カーファイ), also known as the Sword Hermit (剣仙(けんせん)), is a renowned swordsman from Calvard. He is the founder of the Eight Leaves One Blade school which combines the best elements of multiple Eastern sword styles.



Yun is an elderly man with a slender but muscled appearance. He has brown eyes, long gray hair which is tied up and a bushy beard, moustache and eyebrows. Yun wears traditional eastern clothes, consisting of a loose martial arts uniform in brown and black over white, knee length hakama and bandages wrapped around his forearms and shins. He also wears flat slippers.


Yun Ka-fai dedicated his life to swordmanship in favour of wordly affairs. He travels around the continent, spreading wisdom and bringing gifts to the locals he meets. He is known to frequently visit Ymir in Erebonia, where he introduced the Eastern delicacy Manjuu, cranes made of fuki leaves, and the drink Junmai-shu.

During these travels he is occasionally challenged to duels by his former students such as Cassius Bright and Arios MacLaine or respected swordsmen from other schools such as Victor S. Arseid.

It is suggested that Yun is associated with the Ikaruga group of mercenaries and the Black God One Blade fighting school used by them.

He is the grandfather of bracer Anelace Elfead.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Yun Ka-fai is mentioned in passing when his granddaughter Anelace when she visits Cassius Bright at Leiston Fortress.

Trails of Cold Steel I, II, III, and IV

Although never appearing in person, Yun Ka-fai took on Rean Schwarzer as his last apprentice. He would visit Ymir, where he taught both him and his sister Elise Schwarzer the style (although the latter only received minimal instruction). He taught Rean techniques that would help him best his ogre power. He would communicate to Rean through letters, sending him notification when he was deemed to be worthy of the intermediate and then finally master rank through Cassius.

Later in the arc, it is mentioned he has seemingly travelled east, and is being tailed by the Erebonian Intelligence Division's foreign affairs branch.

Trails into Reverie

After hearing a rumour about his whereabouts, Rean travels to Longlai, hoping to find Yun. he is unsuccessful, being told by the Ikaruga member "Hime" that "Master isn't here".

Kuro no Kiseki

It is later reveal that the "Hime" from Ikaruga is the hidden disciple of Yun, similar to Van being Bergard Zeman's disciple.


Throughout the Cold Steel series, Yun Ka-fai sends letters to his last student, Rean Schwarzer.

Dear Rean,

It has been some time. Last I laid eyes on you was before you left for the academy, so two years ago? Teo showed me a recent picture of you, and I could tell at a glance you've grown into a fine young man. I've no doubt you're a hit among the ladies, but knowing you, that popularity is going completely to waste.

Truth be told, I must journey to the eastern half of the continent. Its plight grows worse by the day. The dragon veins are nearly depleted and the barren land spreads. It is a world wholly different from the west. I shan't return to western Zemuria for at least half a year. I would have liked to see you before I left, but i suppose this is Aidios' will.

I hear you earned yourself the title of 'Ashen Chevalier' for your deeds in the empire's civil war. I'm sure there are many things which cause you hesitation and disquiet your heart. The power within you that led you to seek my training, the mystery of your birth, your past. But you needn't worry over such things.

The knowledge I passed down to you was that of the Seventh Form--the blade that brings a flash of light to drive back the darkness. Mastering this form is more difficult than any other. I do not know if you are even capable of such a feat, yet... Ten years ago, it was you I chose to be my final disciple. Not Cassius, not Arios... I chose you, and you alone to be the final blade to complete the Eight Leaves.

In this time of turbulence, become that flashing blade which illuminates the darkness, even if for the briefest moment. I believe you and those comrades whose souls are intertwined with yours are capable of this.

Goodbye for now. Once I have returned from the East and we have reunited, I shall impart to you my final teachings.

Yun Ka-fai




















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