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Zauber Soldats (魔煌機兵(まこうきへい)) are humanoid weapons introduced in Trails of Cold Steel IV.


Trails of Cold Steel IV

Co-developed by Black Workshop and Reinford Group, the Zauber Soldats are humanoid weapons combining elements from regular Soldats and Magic Knights and were completed around July, S.1206. They are primarily used by Erebonia's Imperial Defense Force. They are the successors of Panzer Soldats, having replaced them in the Thors Military Academy curriculum upon introduction.

By using mana, the Zauber Soldats are capable of using magical powers. Apart from Leviathan units, which are fully automated, Zauber Soldats are semi-automated; they still need to be piloted like their Panzer counterparts, but particularly skilled operators are capable of "linking" to idle units, allowing them to control additional units from their own unit. They can also be fully automated, but this has seen very little use.[1]. Piloting a Zauber Soldat causes mental deterioration over time, making them more susceptible to the Erebonian Curse during S.1206.

Trails into Reverie

The remnants of the Imperial Defense Force, Rufus' personal guard, deploy a formerly discarded Asmodine unit against the Special Support Section before they are ousted from the city. During Supreme Leader Rufus Albarea's takeover of the city, his Black Guard utilise Helmode units, improvements over the last generation of Zauber Soldats, manufactured by Elysium.

Elysium also produced autonomous, enhanced Asmodine units, deploying them, alongside other archaisms in its defence of Reverse Babel.

Types of Zauber Soldats

Image Name Description Known pilots
Magic Soldat - Sorge (Sen IV).jpg


An all-purpose type Zauber Soldat based on the Drakkhen unit. Sorge units are equipped with either a sword or gun and a buckler shield.
Magic Soldat - Melchia (Sen IV).jpg


A high-end type Zauber Soldat based on the Spiegel unit. Melgea units are colored red, and have more distinct "ears". Most Melgea units use swords and kiteshields, but they can also utilize guns like Sorge units.
Magic Soldat - Mordred (Sen IV).jpg


A speed-type Zauber Soldat based on the Kestrel unit. They use carbines in combat.
Magic Soldat - Hannibal (Sen IV).jpg


A heavy-type Zauber Soldat based on the Hector unit. They use large halberds in combat.
Final Magic Soldat - Leviathan (Sen IV).jpg


An extra-large Zauber Soldat, partially based on the Goliath unit. Leviathans are unmanned, preferring to fight enemies bare-handed and are equipped with laser launchers on "wings".
  • None
Asmodine - Concept Art (Hajimari).png


A Zauber Soldat developed in secret alongside the Leviathan, but was abandoned for the former. An enhanced version was created by Elysium.
  • None
Helmode - Concept Art (Hajimari).png


A Zauber Soldat developed in secret during the occupation of Crossbell. Helmodes are nearly identical to Sorge units, using swords and kiteshields, but are more armored.






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