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Zechs Vander (ゼクス・ヴァンダール), also known as One-Eyed Zechs (《隻眼(せきがん)》のゼクス), is the lieutenant general of the 3rd Armored Division stationed at the Zender Gate in the Nord Highlands.

Zechs holds the title of Baron.[1]


Lieutenant General Zechs had been a critical part of the military chain of command since the Hamel Tragedy in S.1192. Employed in a subsection of the military command, he was in no position to oppose them. Nonetheless, he still feels ashamed for what happened.

In S.1195 he took Prince Olivert Reise Arnor under his wing and taught him everything he knew.

Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon

He and his 3rd Armored Division originally served in Parm, Sutherland Province, from which he was ordered to investigate the appearance of the Liber Ark after the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon caused orbments across the southern marches of Erebonia ceased function. He was stopped outside the Haken Gate by General Morgan, who saw the arrival of the 3rd Amored Division and the 16 tanks running on steam and combustion as an attack on a weakened Liberl.

Royal princess Klaudia von Auslese showed up from behind General Morgan to ask Zechs Vander to reconsider his actions, who in turn was relieved from the negotiation by Imperial prince Olivert Reise Arnor. Olivert commanded him to return to his post. Zechs tried to oppose him, but Olivert and his guardian, Zech's nephew Mueller, confronted him that he had learnt the truth of the Hamel Tragedy and that Chancellor Giliath Osborne is collaborating with Ouroboros. Zechs agreed to pull back from Liberl and warns Olivert that his division was merely the vanguard whilst Osborne prepared another ten armored divisions in Heimdallr.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

As a result of disobeying Osborne's order, Zechs and his division were moved to Zender Gate in northern Erebonia, which oversaw the Nord Highlands. He was tasked with overseeing the highlands for a potential Republican invasion, as they too had also built a base in the area. A watchtower was erected in the highlands to watch the base from afar.

During this time, he met Gaius Worzel, one of the nomadic peoples, and got along well with him. He was impressed with his skill with a spear and gave him a recommendation to Thors Military Academy.

Gaius would later return during a field study to Nord, who Zechs greeted warmly upon learning of his arrival. He then introduced himself to his classmates and informed them about what they would do as part of their studies. Upon learning that the watchtower was attacked by what was believed to be Republic forces, Zechs immediately mobilized his division for war. Gaius convinced him to put those plans on hold; due to this, they were able to discover a third party that had attacked the watchtower and the base. He was still concerned about war until Lechter appeared, upon which he recalled his division, confident that he and Osborne could avert war, even if only temporarily.

Trails in the Sky FC, SC, and the 3rd


Trails of Cold Steel I, II, III, and IV




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