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“Come, Zector!”
— Rutger Claussell, summoning Zector

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Zector, The Palatinate Knight (《紫紺の騎神》 ゼクトール) is one of the seven Divine Knights of Erebonia.



Black Alberich described Zector, Ordine and Valimar as being the weakest of the Divine Knights.


An unnamed Jaeger was Zector's Awakener in the past.

Zector's final Awakener was also a jaeger: Rutger Claussell. In S.1203, Black Alberich orchestrated a legendary battle between the two strongest jaegers in Western Zemuria: Rutger and Baldur Orlando. Both of them were selected as potential Awakeners of Zector. The two died at the end of their 3-day, 3-night long battle, but because of Alberich's preparations, one of them would be able to be revived as Zector's Immortal Awakener.

By S.1206, Rutger had been revived as Zector's Awakener. He used it to fend off the soldats of New Class VII in the Hamel region.

In one of the Spirit Shrines, Rutger and Zector held the Second Rivalry against Rean Schwarzer piloting Valimar (assisted by Crow Armbrust piloting Ordine). Rutger lost the Rivalry and Zector was absorbed into Valimar, causing Rutger's death.


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