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Zeiss (ツァイス地方) is the southernmost region in Liberl. It borders on the Ruan region to the northwest, the Titith Bay in the south, the Grancel region to the northeast and Valleria Lake to the north. Its provincial capital is the City of Zeiss.



Zeiss - City pf Zeiss 2 (FC).png

City of Zeiss, also known as the Industrial City, is the regional capital of the Zeiss region. It is the heart of Liberl's orbment industry. Towering high above the city streets is the Zeiss Central Factory where everything from lighting fixtures to airships is mass-produced.

Zeiss - Elmo Village 1 (FC).png

Elmo Village is a famous town in the Zeiss region, known as the hot springs resort town and it is reputed for its famous hot springs bath house.

Zeiss - Carnelia Tower 13 (FC).png

Carnelia Tower is one of the Tetracyclic Towers, four ancient towers dating back to before the Great Collapse. It is named after the septium of fire.
Military installations

Zeiss - Leiston Fortress 2 (FC).png

Leiston Fortress is the headquarters of the Royal Army of Liberl. Thanks to Leiston's opposition during the Hundred Days War, it is now considered as an impregnable fortress.

Zeiss - Wolf Fort 1 (SC).png

Wolf Fort is a guarded checkpoint on the international border between the Zeiss region in Liberl and Calvard.

Air-Letten (FC Evo).jpg

Air-Letten is a guarded checkpoint between the regions Ruan and Zeiss in Liberl.

Grancel - Sanktheim Gate 1 (FC).png

Sanktheim Gate is a border gate that serves as a guarded checkpoint between the regions Grancel and Zeiss in Liberl. The gate is part of the Ahnenburg Wall.