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Zeiss Central Factory (ツァイス中央工房), commonly abbreviated as ZCF, is an orbment research facility located within the country of Liberl. Abbreviated as "ZCF", it the main orbment production and research facility of Liberl. Since its establishment, various orbal innovations have come out of its various workshops such as the country's first airship. Zeiss is built around the Central Factory, with its factory chief acting as the de facto mayor of the Zeiss region. The factory is one of the most famous research institutes on the continent of Zemuria.

Notable technological developments of the ZCF include pioneering airships, orbal anti-gravity engines for airships, utility vehicles, the Capel orbal computer and the Zeiss escalator (upon which the Roer version was modelled).


Engineering Factory

After his initial attempt to spread orbal technology throughout Liberl failed, C. Epstein's disciple Albert Russell decided to form a partnership with the Zeiss Clockmaker's Union (ツァイス時計師).

Together they establish the Zeiss Engineering Factory (ツァイス技術工房) in S.1157 and created the first orbment outside Leman.

Orbal Revolution

In S.1160, the reigning king of Liberl at the time, Edgar III, visited the factory to inspect it, and he decided to donate a large amount of money to further its research. With King Edgar III's endorsement, orbments began to spread like wildfire throughout the kingdom, bringing such prosperity that the people of other nations were filled with envy.

After the success of orbal technology brought about by the Zeiss Engineering Factory, other nations reached out to the Epstein Foundation to share orbal technology throughout the continent.

Central Factory

In S.1173, Zeiss Engineering Factory is renamed to Zeiss Central Factory.

In S.1180, the Zeiss Central Factory is dismantled and reconstructed at its current site. The partially-underground factory in the Kaldia Hills is completed. In S.1182, Albert Russell resigns from his position as Factory Chief and he is succeeded by Murdock. In S.1185, the Medical and Science Divisions are established.

In S.1190, Zeiss Central Factory publicly announces the Orbal Network, a joint venture between the Zeiss Central Factory and the Epstein Foundation. Ultimately, Epstein decided to collaborate with the government of Crossbell to realise their Orbal Network Project.


Zeiss Central Factory is divided into seven levels: five floors, the rooftop, and a basement connected to the Kaldia Tunnel. Because the factory sits on a high hill, access from the Air-Letten Checkpoint must be elevated. From the city itself, access to the Central Factory, as well as the city's landing port, is provided by two large escalators. The factory's various facilities are as follows:

5th Floor

Operations Room- containing the orbal computer Capel

4th Floor



3rd Floor

Design Room


2nd Floor

Archive Room

Factory Chief's Office

1st Floor

Receptionist's Desk

Orbment Repair Shop

Basement Level

Main Factory

Notable Achievements

  • 1162 - Built the First Orbal Clocktower in Zeiss
  • 1168 - Built the First Orbal Powered Airship "The Calatrava"
  • 1197 - Development of the first Capel unit computer.