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Zeit (ツァイト) is a mysterious wolf who aids Lloyd and his friends in Trails from/to Zero and Azure as a member of the Special Support Section. In truth, he is one the seven Holy Beasts, residing in Crossbell under the title of Divine Wolf (神狼).



Zeit's canine appearance is of a large azure wolf, with a white fur coat bordering around the sidelines of its paws, underbelly and capes. He also wears a brown collar on its neck, and gold hind-guards on the front of its paws and legs. Despite his large size, his appearance is such that nobody is usually able to deduce his true divine nature and he is likened to the wolves that appear in Crossbell's myths.

In his true form, Zeit's height grows exponentially with its azure appearance deepening to a navy sapphire hue. The fur capes on the upper joints of its four legs fan out like wings and his golden hind-guards become silver and more ornamental. Sparkling green stones appear to adorn his body, appearing on his snout and leg joints.


Despite his duty having ended centuries ago, Zeit lends his assistance to the descendants of man where-ever possible. He is wise and insightful, but will respond with ferocity when those in his care are threatened.


Zeit is a Holy Beast dispatched by Aidios to look after Demiourgos, the Sept-Terrion of Mirage. He has lived in Crossbell since ancient times. The legendary novel The Saint and the White Wolf is based on Zeit's appearances throughout history. 

Trails from Zero

Zeit facing Revache member Garcia Rossi at the entrance of Mishelam.

Zeit and the SSS became acquainted with one another when the SSS began investigating mysterious armored dog sightings and attacks that had been orchestrated by an unknown party. Zeit and his pack were apparently blamed by the local residents for the attack, but the SSS discovered that Revache was orchestrating the attacks and defeated them. Zeit came to their aid by disabling all of the mechanical hounds with a single roar. After this incident, he visited them at their headquarters. Only Tio could understand him due to her heightened senses, who told the others that Zeit offered his assistance, seeing that they would get in trouble frequently. Lloyd accepted his offer; however, the team was unsure of how to make use of his services at first.

SSS Chief Sergei Lou discussed Zeit's offer with the top brass of the Crossbell Police Department and registered him as a police dog, giving him a collar in the process. They were initially worried whether Crossbellans would be scared of him, but after saving a child from a car accident he immediately became a fan favorite of the citizenry. From that point onward, Zeit took on a vital role of protecting the SSS members from harm and acting as a helper during battles using Tio's summon craft. 

While Zeit looks larger than an average wolf, he shows capable leadership in his own right, leading his own pack of wolves. After moving into the Special Support Section building, he is happy enough to behave like an ordinary dog, napping on the entrance's floor mat and heeding KeA's and Tio's needs when summoned.

Trails to Azure

Zeit escorting Lloyd after having revealed his true form as Holy Beast.

After Lloyd Bannings escapes from Knox Prison, Zeit comes in to rescue Lloyd after he gets cornered by the Crossbell Defense Force. After chasing off the army, Zeit gives Lloyd a ride out of Knox Forest and reveals his true identity as the Holy Beast who was entrusted by Aidios to protect the Sept-Terrion of Mirage. He also informs Lloyd that he had also been following the plans of the Crois family and explains the secrets behind KeA's birth and Demiourgos. Lloyd makes up his mind to save KeA, to which Zeit pledges his full support. 

Despite his pledge, Zeit was only charged to watch over the Sept-Terrion and was not permitted to interfere with events regarding it. However, when the original Demiourgos vanished from existence, he was released from his oath with Aidios and was still able to lend his strength to the SSS and protect KeA. 

Zeit leaving Crossbell at the end of Trails to Azure.

He continued to assist the SSS until the Azure Tree disappeared and then, with his duty fulfilled, he left Crossbell. He returned in S.1207, when Crossbell had been liberated and celebrated together alongside all of his friends. 

Trails into Reverie

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At an unspecified point in time, Zeit visits the ancestral home of the Hexen Clan, Eryn village upon a visit to Roselia, a fellow holy beast. Zeit remarks it had been at least a few hundred years since they were last acquainted and that he never expected her to change form. With Zeit's assistance, Roselia and a group of witches are able to uncover a hidden Spirit Shrine, the Shrine of White in the Osgiliath Basin. Zeit departs soon after this on his own business.

Zeit marks his return to Crossbell during the events of the independence ceremony. Intervening at a crucial moment, Zeit arrives in time to protect Rixia Mao from a surprise attack from the Dancer of the Dusk during a confrontation at the Fort of the Sun in the Ancient Battlefield. Zeit would later appear alongside Roselia in the Nord Highlands in order to protect the crews of the Merkabah #8 from catastrophic damage. Zeit would save yet another group of individuals by intervening in a fight against Emperor in the Crossbell Military Police Academy's prison facility.

Although he considered disappearing secretly after assisting with dealing with the appearance of Reverse Babel, Zeit would later state his intention to rejoin the SSS as a 'police dog', referencing the fact his ancient pact had been fulfilled.

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Character Notes

Trails into Reverie

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Trails to Azure

Name Acquire Cost Delay Power Targets/Effect
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Phoenix Rush
Initial 20 CP 20 AT 100% Circle around target (7 range, 6 radius)
Craft - Attack - Area (L) - Burn (25%)
Charges at enemies whilst clad in flaming spirit.
Burn (Crossbell Status).png Burn (25% chance, 5t)
Can't miss
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Gale-Force Fang
Initial 30 CP 30 AT 100% Set line up to set point (3 width)
Moves user to set point
Craft - Attack (Set) - Line - K.O. (25%)
Bores through foes with a razor-sharp charge.
Deathblow (Crossbell Status).png Deathblow (25% chance)
Can't miss
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Pack Leader's Roar
Initial 20 CP 30 AT All targets
Craft - Support - All - STR/DEF-25%
The Divine Wolf's roar causes enemies to falter.
STR Down (Crossbell Status).png STR-25% (3t)
DEF Down (Crossbell Status).png DEF-25% (3t)
Can't miss


Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Trails into Reverie


  • "Zeit" literally means "Time" in German, despite the fact that he's the Holy Beast of Mirage and has nothing to do with time whatsoever.